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Equestrian Dream

“The complex sends all the right messages to our customers and suppliers in terms of the service we offer and our commitment to quality.  It is very important to our business that we’re seen to be professional and leaders in our industry.  So it made sense for us to work with the team at Customkit who clearly have their own record of success and achievement.”

“The new stable would look outstanding in anyone’s fields. We’re just delighted that it happens to be in pride of place on our property.”

3 Bay 7.2m 45deg Old Fashioned Barn / 5Bay 5.4m 35deg Stable

Location: Waiau Pa

CB1028 / 1029 Products:
Builder: Sam Crispe
Windows and Doors: Ironsand supplied by Summit Aluminium
Roofing: Colorsteel Corrugated Endura Roofing in Ironsand supplied by Franklin Long Roofing
Spouting: White Marley Stormcloud


PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN is credited with the quote: “The best thing for the inside of a man is to be on the outside of the horse.” Perhaps the next best ‘thing’ is to create the ultimate working environment to house a successful trotting business.

In the lush fields of South Auckland’s Waiau Pa is one particular operation that has a track record of success and winning ways. The Alta Dream Lodge is well named—producing racing bloodlines carrying the Alta breeding brand that then deliver dreams on race day. 

The operation is built around the favourable foundations, and characteristics, of mares with the right gait, speed, pedigree, temperament and performance. 

These are then matched with stallions capable of siring offspring that will ensure success season after season.

Alta’s track record to date shows that the DNA of the operation is in a very healthy state. 

When it came to selecting a company with a pedigree for building quality barns and stable complexes Customkit was first past the post. The 291.2 sq m structure speaks of quality and a professional approach to taking care of the business at hand. 

High studded American-style barns are pleasing to the eye and also have the versatility, and flexibility, for offering a series of working and handling areas for horses of all stages and ages. 

These include horse bays, utility areas, tack rooms and covered areas as well as facilities for the two legged occupants offering bath and shower rooms. 

The Longrun corrugated Colorsteel roofing starts at a 15 degree pitch then soars to 35 degree. At the very top is a cupola structure that is both a crowning part of the design and a means of allowing more air, and light, into the areas below. 

Marley PVC spouting has been applied to the timber fascia board. The outside is 1.2 mm bandsawn plywood cladding with timber battens on timber framed walls. 

The whole effect is an open, airy, easily accessible and pleasing to the eye structure. 

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