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Russell 5 Foot Plug and Play Hot Tub

We are often presented with incredible sites looking to be enhanced with a hot tub. However this site is something else but did prove to throw a few curve balls at us. With detailed information from the customer the design was largely completed by hand sketches on line. 

Once the platform was built the only question was how to get the tub into position. With the help of Simon from a Northland Hiab Company we managed to push the limits of the machinery available at the time to get the tub into it's intended resting place. The plug and play hot tub can be stripped back to make it lighter if necessary and easily reassembled in place. 

The option of adding a heat pump at a later date has been retained by the customer as they were keen to see where the running costs ended up. 

The hot tub is sanitised using Ozone gas with a light residual of Bromine in the water making it simple to maintain and easy to leave when the customers aren't in residence, or using the tub. 

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