Flame - Nikki Wilson | ArchiPro


Queenstown 2020

Flame is a wonderful and unashamedly meaty restaurant at Steamer Wharf in Queenstown where the mission was to make a space which honoured the experience of bare toed fire side eating with mates. Walls are lined in blackened oregon, copper is heated like an old billy and lines the bar, cabinetry is hand chiseled, colours, like the spices, feel like a South African desert plain.

Previously an office, this 500m2 conversion to a restaurant who’s kitchen has capacity to serve far beyond the confines of the restaurant is one of the key anchor sites for the whole of the Steamer Wharf building. The glow of activity from this top floor space now extends well into the evening and is visible for a long way around Queenstown’s lakeshore.

Scope of service; Full interior architecture.

A project in collaboration with Paul Green, Michelle Freeman and Flame Bar + Grill

Photographed by Paul Green

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