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Further Perfecting Puni



The house is well lived in.  Next stop came the creation of the great outdoors.


Megan Ashe and husband Gordon Brown come from pioneering stock.  Their home in South Auckland's Puni is named Sarnia Downs after one of the Guernsey islands where Clan Brown hail from.

That same sense of adventure came to the fore in creating their home (one of the first featured in the Lifestyle Block/Customkit series) that features open plan living, high sarked ceilings and concrete floors. This is not the usual off-the-shelf building solution offered by others but instead where individuality reigns.

"We all wanted the flexibility to create something that wasn't the standard, modern and 'me too' kind of structure," says Megan.  "Instead we were looking for something that was rustic and in keeping with the rural environment.  

"Clearly board and batten has that farm-style look that suited the property but also allowed us to create a wonderful environment in the way we wanted it.  We didn't want to be dictated to by the housing company.  One of the great things working with Customkit was the ability to have our say in everything.  Their expertise in giving us the tips to make things happen in a cost-effective and efficient way was invaluable."

With the inside to their liking, the family (including children Harry, Jack and Molly) put the project on pause, especially in finalising what the outdoor features of the property might be.

While there was some rush to get everything done in a short time span, Megan says carefully assessing such variables as wind and sun direction, the inside-outside flow, and a coordinated landsaping approach paid dividends.

The first hint of style and colour is the immaculate garden around Megan's mother Noeline's board and batten abode, also a Customkit design. 

In the two years since the houses were completed , the plantings have settled in and now provide a tapestry of colour throughout the year.

The most substantial part of the outdoor development was creating a series of covered decks and an ultra-large patio area surrounded by lawn and river stones.  A bespoke pizza oven was positioned at its heart and is supported by rock encasings so that the whole area works as one space. 

There are a number of outdoor tables and seating areas to give people a choice of views during happy hour and other entertaining times.  The distinctive red colour is a flow-on from the feature front door that from day one was part of the colour palette for the Puni property.  Hanging chairs are dotted along the eaves, providing more rest and relaxation vantage points where the family can enjoy the rural views.

Rather than having a conventional garage, a carport attached to the side of the main house keeps the building lines in harmony.  

"ours is very much a lifestyle property where family values are important and respected.  We made a point of being respectful of the rural environment and were determined to create an enduring home that can be enjoyed by, and for, generations to come.  Now, both inside and outside, there are any number of features that are unique and that we have chosen to suit our own style and joy of living.

"There is no question that when it comes to developing a place that you can genuinely call home then the Customkit solution truly works wonders."

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Paradise Perfection in Puni
Careful planning and understanding the variables of Mother Nature led to the creation of a wonderful and wide open entertainment area.
The first burst of colour when entering Sarnia Downs is Noeline's home
Bespoke pizza oven with river rock gabion baskets
River Rock support gets things cooking
Perfect spot for relaxing over the holidays
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