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Green School New Zealand

  • Location: Oakura, Taranaki
  • Client: Michael & Rachel Perrett
  • Architect: Boon Team Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Nagel Consultants
  • Builder: Clelands Construction
  • Date: February 2020

Educating with Impact:

Our Challenge:
With a tight timeframe, we were asked to consider going ahead with this project. It involved many complex glulam curved members and needed to meet sustainable requirements for Green School. The design of Green School was born from an innovative vision from the Founders, Mike & Rachel Perrett, they worked with Boon Team Architects to bring their vision to life. Focused on connecting the students with nature. Bringing in touches of the ground and the sky to classrooms and creating a place of deep learning for the students.

The Techlam Solution:
Techlam well and truly delivered for this project, it was hard work for all involved but the result was worth it. Techlam supplied Green School with the structural components for their 3 classroom pods, Portals, Bearers and Purlins were manufactured within strict timeframes to bring this project to life. Green School is a work of art, using the most sustainable and innovative materials that create a safe and comfortable atmosphere where the students can thrive with purpose. The bulk of the classrooms are sustainably milled timber, treated with an environmentally preferred treatment. Techlam packaged their products with fully recyclable timber wrapping and as well as prefabricating all components, ensuring minimal time and wastage on site.

Products Used:

  1. Curved Glulam Portals - Curved portals are the main structural element for the classroom pods at Green School.
  2. Curved Glulam - Curved Purlins and Bearers were used for the classroom pods to complete the structural elements.

“Techlam came to the rescue and were instrumental in delivering our challenging architectural design and strict timelines. Resulting in iconic structures that inspire all those who witness them.”

“Techlam has a brilliant team who we know will help to beautify NZ’s built environment to inspire the next generation of thinking. Green School NZ appreciate the expertise and delivery capabilities of Techlam NZ and look forward to continuing the construction of our very special community.”

Michael Perrett, Co-Founder - Green School NZ

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