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Herne Bay Villa

The initial brief from the client was based on the home being renovated to be sold once completed, however the systems and fittings were to be of a high standard should the clients own family choose to live there.

The client had lived in houses that had no lighting control and loved the idea of a goodnight button and lighting controlled with sensors.

Our client also wanted one company who “does it all” and asked us to design a full system for installation.  “Keep it smart, keep it stylish, and keep it simple” was the watchword.

The systems and fittings were integrated with a focus on the interior design aspects whilst remaining easy and simple to use.  Clean lines have been maintained on the ceilings throughout the house with the use of rectangular speakers to line up with rectangular light fittings.  Miniature recessed smoke detectors and miniature recessed PIR’s also kept the interior designer and architect happy.

Vantage lighting keypads have uniform measurements from architraves while miniature recessed IR beams on en-suite doorways provide a discrete way of triggering all en-suites lights at night, the “goodnight” button the client requested was expanded upon to turn off all lighting and AV equipment and arm the perimeter of the home ensuring the doors are all secure.

“All-on” buttons turn on all internal and external lighting for security purposes and the “all-off” buttons turn off all lighting & AV in the main living areas.

Control of the lighting, audio, video, source equipment, fireplaces, heated towel rails, air conditioning, underfloor heating, swimming pool, front door, vehicle gate, pedestrian gate, garage doors, and surveillance system are achieved via the Vantage in-wall colour touchscreen and a 12” wireless Tablet.

Album cover art from the clients digital music collection is displayed on the 12” Vantage tablet for control of all audio zones.

Multiroom audio keypads were eliminated from the walls by allowing control of the Nuvo audio system via the Vantage lighting keypads, in-wall touchscreen, Marantz remotes and Vantage 12” tablet. This maintained the design integrity of all the walls in the house keeping the client and architect pleased.

Point to Point photoelectric beams installed around the perimeter of the property trigger external lighting. 13 Surveillance cameras provide a 360° view of the property with easy playback via the Marantz remotes in the family room, snug TV room & media room.

Surround sound keeps the adults entertained in the TV room whilst the media room provides the children with hours of entertainment. However when they don’t respond to the intercom call for dinner, two additional buttons on the speaker phone provide a “mute media room” and “media room off” function providing total parental control!

The occupants of the house now enjoy an automation system that has become intuitive and second nature to use. They enjoy security and peace of mind knowing that the systems installed provide total flexibility and control on an everyday basis. The aesthetics of the systems installed, the elegance and sophistication of the chosen discrete fittings along with the convenience they provide allow for ease of use and a non-invasive use of technology.

Everything is working in the background while the subtle style adds to the homes overall appeal.  Ultimate sophistication with simplistic control.

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