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Holland Park School

Aurubis - Nordic Brown / Nordic Brass / Nordic Bronze Copper

Dynamic Three-dimensional Character

In contrast, the west facade is defined by a series of vertical fins in pre-patinated copper, brass and bronze which take on a strong, dynamic three-dimensional character. The architect for the project, Peter Runacres, explains the development of their design: "Due to the building's orientation, this elevation receives more solar gain than the east side and vertical fins are more effective in controlling glare while maximising daylight. The initial design had an arrangement of broken up, smaller fins but solar gain computer modelling revealed that more were needed.

"We then experimented using a physical model and found that this arrangement created too much visual mass so, instead, settled on full-height fins set at three - apparently random – spacings, continuing over the roof. A soft, sine curve was developed for the fin profiles, which gives an organic feel reflecting the mature trees both on the site and facing this façade from the adjacent Holland Park. We selected the mix of copper and its alloys to give a natural richness, with timeless yet contemporary qualities, as well as to deliver longevity and minimal maintenance."

The copper and copper alloy clad fins are thin in section, minimising the impact on views from inside the building. But their depth acts as an effective barrier to glare and unwanted solar gain from afternoon sunshine. Viewed from an angle, the fins come together to generate a stunning effect of dynamic sinuous forms across the façade. 

Copper Roofing and Copper Cladding / Facade Solutions

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