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Hutchinson Ford Showroon - 3D Virtual Tour

Every project provides us with opportunities not just to extend our data capturing skills but also to learn something valuable from our clients, and there is a lot to inhale when working for multi-generations companies established almost a century ago. We had the pleasure to provide the iconic Team Hutchinson Ford with a 3D Virtual Tour for their stunning renewed showroom in Christchurch. Besides gaining new skills from combining our multiple types of equipment such as our new #leica #blk360 #MatterportPro2 and #RicohZ1, we have had the opportunity to inhale the core values of the Hutchinson team, and there was a lot to see and learn. We will tell you more soon,  till next week when finally publishing the tour will just say that IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work for The Hutchinson Ford company.
Below is a quick presentation Video,  stay tuned until we publish the tour next week.

Photo + Video Credit: 3D Surveys

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Team Hutchinson Ford Showroon - 3D Virtual Tour