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Not far from the well-known Dôme, sits a relatively unknown structure: Institution Nationale des Invalides. A care facility that takes care of wounded soldiers along with people with mental and physical health needs. 

The Luxembourg Collection
Selected in a range of greens, for added tranquility and softness, the Luxembourg collection contributes to the well-being of its users. Made entirely of aluminium, the furniture’s light weight allows you to easily organise it according to your needs.

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Jardin is the New Zealand partner for Fermob, an innovative, fun, and colourful French outdoor furniture brand.

Fermob as a brand is entrenched in French history yet are creating some of the most interesting contemporary outdoor furniture right now. Fermob furniture is ready for anything. It is designed to stand up to bad weather, to repeated folding and unfolding, stacking, to cleaning. It is designed to last, meeting the highest quality standards, and is superbly finished. The quality is exceptional, and the colours are beautiful.  

The dedicated team at Jardin is here to help you bring the Fermob joie de vivre to your garden or terrace, to your cafe or restaurant, or even to your garden office.

Art is a question. Design must be an answer...

...according to Bernard Reybier CEO at Fermob. Design finds its ultimate expression to create stylish furniture that works with every lifestyle. The brand has also redesigned iconic furniture pieces such as the traditional folding Bistro chair of Paris, the famous chairs in the Luxembourg gardens and the 1900 scrolled garden furniture from the end of the 19th century. Like an exercise in style, these pieces of furniture have been modernised and developed to become collections in their own right