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James Crisp

James Crisp is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated family-owned foodie businesses. In fact they’ve just celebrated their 100 years in business. So, you can imagine the heritage and legacy which needed to be encapsulated into the design of the office. This 800 m2 office required the utmost in precision, accuracy and digging deep into the finer detail.

Sociability and company culture is of utmost importance to the James Crisp family, so the kitchen needed to be designed so that it became the real heart of the company. Expona Commercial was the selection for the kitchen flooring to compliment the high end finishes.

Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR is ideally suited to heavy commercial areas within the retail, leisure, office, education and healthcare sectors, plus other areas with heavy traffic. Polyflor Expona Commercial PUR is also ideal for use in all areas throughout the home.


  • Expona Commercial PUR is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the beauty of natural timber for use in heavy commercial areas
  • Featuring a polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) to reduce maintenance costs
  • Developed using exclusive and protected designs, the highest technical quality and environmental standards are met with a range of mult-formatted tiles and planks, mirroring the beauty of natural materials and creative effects
  • Indoor Air comfort GOLD—low VOC emissions
  • 2.5mm Gauge
  • 0.55mm Wear Layer
  • 55 shades
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