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Located in the hills of Matata, Bay of Plenty, the site commands stunning vistas from all directions. The clients are down-to-earth, deeply connected to nature and passionate custodians of their land. The design, although small, had to honour both the qualities of the site and clients. The project imbues passive design principles to address climatic comfort all year-round, sustainable materials, solar panels, rainwater harvest, as well as ground-source underfloor heating, combining to form a zero-energy building well-integrated into its environment. The building faces north, with unobstructed views of the ocean. The sleeping space is positioned in the northeast portion of the building, enjoying the morning sun whilst allowing for evening cooling, supporting humans’ circadian rhythms.

The open living areas are in the northwest quadrant, with extensive glazing framing stunning sunsets whilst also providing passive heating for the cold evenings. This space reflects most the clients’ lifestyle: an absence of a TV with the fireplace as the anchoring element, overlaying the views. A breezeway separates living and sleeping, creating a semi-sheltered space, extending the kitchen and dining to the outdoor. More importantly, it provides a “buffer” to the automaticity in our lives - an opportunity to pause, experience the weather, the views, before engaging in mundane tasks of our day-to-day lives. Oversized eaves in the northern elevation protect the small spaces from excessive sunlight during the hot months whilst allowing the low-winter sun to penetrate the living spaces for passive heat gains. The southern portion of the building carries services and storage, adding mass to the thermal envelope, minimising infiltration and transmission losses. 

Currently in the building Consent Stage.

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