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MBIE Pastoral House

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) had a clear vision for the design of their breakout area within the Pastoral House in Wellington: A sleek and quirky design to create a subtle point of difference.

They engaged design consultants Warren & Mahoney & Beca to bring this vision to life – and MHL is proud to be part of this project alongside TBIG, LT McGuinness and Millars Electrical. 

One of the goals for this project was for the lighting to integrate with the feature ceiling while being a feature itself – without dominating the architecture. A selection of fittings was presented to the architect to achieve this vision, and the Unios LX baffle was a point of difference.

The black ceilings in the space required special consideration. It meant a wide beam distribution was needed to keep the area open and also meant additional consideration needed to be given to glare. The architect wanted a random assortment pattern, so a fairly wide distribution helped to keep uniformity.

Another factor that made this project unique is the thin metal fin ceilings, which meant there wasn’t an option to match the thickness of the sheets. The recess diffusor helped to detract from the specific brightness require. The result is a sleek and quirky breakout area – exactly what the client asked for.

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