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Miramar Roxy Theatre Upgrade

Miramar Roxy Theatre gets a Terrazzo Veneto Upgrade:

Recently Miramar Avenue got an amazing upgrade outside the Roxy Theatre.

Built-in the 1920’s for Silent Movies, the Roxy Cinema is well known in Wellington for its state-of-the-art screens and retro glamour. Converted into a shopping centre in the 1960’s, the Roxy re-opened its cinematic doors in 2011, following a year-long refurbishment project. Part of the project included rejuvenating the 700m² area of paving outside the entrance of the cinema.

The area was paved with 600x400mm Veneto slabs and was pointed with the renowned flowable grout, Flowpoint from Ultrascape.

The improvements create a long desired civic space for the community, encourage more people to visit, shop and do business. The work included new lighting and seating, new landscaping and street trees.

The paving selected was a combination of three colours from the Veneto Pastelli range, Porfido, Grigio and Bragato. The paving was jointed using the Instarmac Flowpoint, a revolution in grouting materials, a flowable grouting product.

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