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North West Rail Link Sydney - Skytrain Super Structure

Problem: The principal contractor required a coating that would protect the concrete piers of the SkyTrain from graffiti strikes and would help protect the concrete.

Application: Smooth off form precast concrete.

Outcome: As ecotio2® doesn’t contain any organic or synthetic materials it won’t break down – making it durable even in the harsh Australian sun. Graffiti can be easily removed via a solvent wipe from any smooth off-form concrete covered in ecotio2®. Over time the surface will naturally self-clean any graffiti strikes using just light and rain.

Additionally, the photocatalyst technology of the ecotio2® coating will protect the concrete surface of the SkyTrain from fouling materials. Dirt, dust, road grime, oil and air-borne pollutants and smog are broken down into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.

Using the power of the sun and rain, the concrete becomes self-cleaning and will help to keep the SkyTrain looking newer for longer. It will help to reduce overall maintenance and cleaning costs as well as reducing the rate of carbonation of the concrete. The coating will extend the overall life of the structure without the use of harmful chemicals

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Photograph taken 17th October 2016.
Photograph taken 15th February 2018.

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