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Orewa Award-winning house

The owner of this award-winning house had a clear goal from the very beginning: to build the No.1 house in its category. Located on a hilltop residential area, a unique Hampton style was chosen for the house, which means it has an extremely wide-open front. With a reserve park located at the front, you can immediately spot this extraordinary house from a distance. An ample number of windows on the front face of the house allow for maximum natural light during the day. Great lighting design in this area is very important, as it will help to create stunning curb appeal during dusk. 

The overall lighting design goal for this house is to achieve comfortable lighting for the living area, provide sufficient lighting for task areas, accentuate a few special features and blend in with the rest of the interior. Archilight’s ranges and design services tick all these boxes.We’ve used low glare lights throughout the house, and architectural luminaires are selected to be able to disappear from sight and not compete with the other elements of the house. The precious stone feature island wall was back-lit with LEDs to make it pop -  it was a challenging task due to the limited space but was achieved using super low profile luminaires. The low glare lattice linear downlights worked superbly in the dark themed dining room, emphasizing the beautiful glass pendant. Unique mini downlights are used in various locations to accentuate features and create dynamic for the spaces. The other important requirement is colour matching, such as the gold element throughout the house. With Archilight’s vast options of trim and reflector colours, the interior designer can easily integrate light fittings into the colour scheme for each space.

The interior designer was frustrated with the limited options available for light switches until they found Archilight. They were amazed by the variety of colour options available in the Vimar switch range and were also impressed with the material, quality and fine details from this European made brand. The Arke series switches offered a simple, clean yet elegant solution as the end result. Archilight’s lighting, design and switchgear solutions played an important role in this successful project, and it was a pleasure working with the various people involved.

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