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Moyle - Custom Staircase

Wanting a feature stair to fit the style of the house, we conversed with the owner and designer/architect to create a modern stair that is prominent in the entry way, and allows light through the stair to open the area up as much as possible. 

This custom stair is manufactured from PNG Oak 340x90 treads with powder-coated balustrade bars. The treads are laminated to ensure we met the requirements of the 90mm thickness and stained dark black.

Top Flyte received the plans in March 2018, from there discussions started between ourselves and the client as to how this stair was to be manufactured, and ensuring that the stair complied with the council codes. This meant Top Flyte was involved in giving advise regarding the engineering of the steel beams and plates in the wall which hold the treads. The steel had to be a certain size by compliance codes to ensure the treads are held securely in place. Once this was confirmed, we were given the go ahead by the client to start the process of manufacturing the treads. Two months later, we had the treads and powder-coated bars delivered to site for the builders to install. 

This project is one of many we have been very involved with in certifying the stair complies with council codes while also manufacturing to the clients designs and ideas.

This is the sort of challenge Top Flyte is very experienced with and is part of our branding. 

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