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Phoenix Gardens Apartments

The previous intercom system at Phoenix Gardens Apartments, a prestigious residential apartment complex in the central Auckland region, was old, unreliable, and ineffective. The residents could not reliably communicate with guests or tradesmen and an update to the system was needed, with challenges including properly connecting the new intercom system to the existing infrastructure and providing a solution that was reliable, cost-effective, stylish and suitable for the building requirements.

Connect Security Products (CSP), collaborated with Conbrio, a registered security provider with more than 40 years of experience, and Phoenix Gardens to truly understand the intercom needs of the residents and the technical requirements.

To solve the problem, CSP and Conbrio Security recommended the ABB Welcome M Door Entry System for its stylishness, reliability, and simple-to-install 2-wire bus technology. CSP was confident the existing building wiring could be utilized and reused in this intercom replacement.

CSP and Conbrio presented the various internal touch screen options to the 75 residents for each to choose their own. CSP worked with Conbrio Security to utilize the existing cable infrastructure and ensure this large intercom replacement project was a successful retrofit for all parties.

The residents of Phoenix Gardens can now confidently communicate with visitors and provide access to tradesmen.

The smartphone integration and IP gateways of the ABB-Welcome M Door Entry enable residents to communicate with visitors via their smartphone. The 7” and 4.3” indoor touch screens and video entrance units ensure dependable, crystal-clear audio and video combined with European design.

Paul Ross, National Sales Manager from CSP outlined why they went with the ABB- Welcome M Door Entry System. “The ABB-Welcome M Door Entry system was a perfect solution for the intercom upgrade required at the prestigious Phoenix Gardens apartment complex in Auckland, New Zealand. Having to use the existing cable infrastructure was not a problem for the ABB system. The solution gave the residents a stylish and modern look with both audio and audio/video options being installed throughout the complex”.

The reliability and quality of this intercom has made the residents of Phoenix Gardens feel safer and more at home.

Rebecca Wright, Building Management of Phoenix Gardens commented on the collaborative efforts and the overall solution chosen. “CSP and Conbrio were excellent! They selected a stylish intercom model that could be installed with our current infrastructure, saving us a ton of money on rewiring costs. Our residents have been pleased with the quality and reliability!”.

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