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Poshtel, Oamaru

  • Location: Oamaru
  • Powerglide Elevator Specs: Commercial Series, 1400mm x 1400mm
  • Weight Capacity: 350kg
  • Lift Configuration: Entrances at 90 degrees
  • Design & Manufacture Time: 5 weeks
  • Install Time: 1 week
  • Design & Installation Process: Process managed by Powerglide’s specialist in-house engineering team
  • Architect: Carter Smith Architecture + Interiors
  • Building Contractor: Clearcut Building
  • Photographer: Nick Beadle, STW Studio
  • Features: Custom interior, electronic safety curtain, safe exit in power cut, full-width handrails on two walls, any button exit, low maintenance, compliant fire-rated hardware, security and access control, remote monitoring.
  • Maintenance/Servicing Requirements: maintenance free for first five years
  • Complies with: NZS 4334:2012
  • Mechanism: Hydraulic drive with self-supporting rails
  • Speed: Around 9 seconds, floor-to-floor
  • Manufacture: Manufactured in New Zealand using locally sourced materials and componentry.

Poshtel’s Powerglide Elevator is an integral part of the unique guest experience

When the owners of Poshtel, a boutique hotel in Oamaru needed a lift to meet their accessibility requirements, they wanted a solution that was realistically priced for a 16 room hotel while also enhancing the guest experience. Their Powerglide Elevator achieved both, with a capital expenditure of around 30% less than a traditional commercial elevator, delivering a 2-walled, 90-degree lift configuration that feels more moving art installation than means of transportation.

Entering to the West on the ground floor, guests exit to the North on the first. And with the two wall configuration, they are often intrigued to discover that two walls are moving, being part of the lift shaft. “It’s a feature many comments on,” says Poshtel owner, Phillip McNicholl “at some stage we’d like to paint something on the inside of the lift-shaft to make the sense of movement more dramatic”.

Providing an affordable access solution that doesn’t feel like a piece of disability hardware is important to Allan Fullerton, founder of Powerglide Elevators. “The days of having to install something unattractive and basic to tick the accessibility box without blowing the budget are gone” comments Fullerton. “Powerglide Elevators start at $38k with minimal operating costs, have a range of safety and disability friendly features and can be customised to enhance the user experience”.

At Poshtel, the experience is everything - a hotel that describes itself as unconventional, exceptional and altogether memorable wasn’t likely to settle for average. “Our vision for the hotel was to create something that gives visitors a sense of New Zealand as it has evolved throughout the years”, says McNicholl. “While we wanted something that was authentic and quirky, we also needed it to function effectively as a luxury hotel”.

Working with Carter Smith Architecture + Interiors, McNicholl achieved this by filling the renovated 1920s building with genuine memorabilia to create a distinct atmosphere for each room. Themes include Farming, the Antarctic Explorer, Fishing and the Pick and Shovel Room; combining to create interwoven stories and a uniquely NZ experience.

With each room offering a unique environment, providing easy access to the whole hotel was important. Poshtel also offers two rooms configured specifically for disability access.

“Including the lift in the build was uncomplicated from an engineering and construction perspective,” says McNicholl. “It’s a simple product compared to models with big motors and cables etc which made it easier to work with”. Powerglide’s flexibility of configuration, minimal pit depth and ceiling height requirements also make their elevators easy to accommodate into the confines of an existing building structure. 

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Photographer: Nick Beadle, STW Studio
Photographer: Nick Beadle, STW Studio
Photographer: Nick Beadle, STW Studio
Photographer: Nick Beadle, STW Studio
Photographer: Nick Beadle, STW Studio

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