Located in Grafton, Auckland and operating for nearly 30 years, Ronald McDonald House supports families when their child is in a hospital away from home. Accommodation and support are provided free of charge to help relieve some of the everyday stresses these families face.

Families come across New Zealand, with the average length of stay seven days, families can stay for weeks or months on end.

Ronald McDonald House is a ‘home-away-from-home’, providing a safe haven to retreat to, with stocked kitchens and cosy lounges.

Sojo Design was engaged to specify new textiles in the reception area, the high foot traffic in this space and the nature of a hospital-like environment meant the reception seating had to meet the requirements for a commercial healthcare grade project.

Sojo Design specified the new FibreGuard Pro range of fabrics - uniquely stain resistant, anti-microbial and water-resistant textiles that are fantastically soft, yet strong and easy to clean. The stain-resistant and anti-microbial properties are inherently within the fabric yarn, cannot be washed off and provide 360-degree protection.  While water resistance is achieved through a breathable moisture membrane within the fabric.  Stains can be simply cleaned with water and a cloth plus the fabric has been tested to the toughest conditions – over 70,000 abrasion tests.

The tactile attributes and colour range helped fulfil the design brief, overall the attributes ensured it was the perfect product.  The Commerical team presented the best solution that was fit for purpose and very cost-effective.

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James Dunlop Textiles is a wholesale supplier for the furniture trade. Please contact your nearest retailer to specify our products or contact us to open a trade account.

We’ve developed a deep-seated knowledge of interior textiles in our 110-year history. We’re interested in different ways of living, and we’re constantly exploring what fabrics can bring to people’s lives. And life has always informed what we do. 

We believe in fabrics that have a unique viewpoint, born from a curiosity about the world. Fabrics with a sense of purpose. Fabrics that are crafted with passion, and embrace the lives spent on and around them. Fabric that spans trends, generations and cultures. The fabric of life.

Our Story
James Dunlop Textiles was founded in 1907 in the bustling port of Dunedin, New Zealand as a supplier of European fabric to retailers. From a dynasty of Freemen and textile merchants based in the Scottish countryside close to the border of Northern England, a commitment to quality design and performance ensured longevity for company and product alike.

Over a century later, the fourth generation Dunlop family governs this innovative design-based organisation across the Asia- Pacific region. With a strong focus on sustainable textile excellence, coupled with world-class logistics and service, the company enjoys industry accolades and support from a wide base of global retail and interior design customers.

“We are proud of our history and legacy; delivering excellence and a sustainable future to the textile industry. We are passionate about quality fabrics, and have been for a very long time.”

Design Studios
James Dunlop Textiles has three design studios – Sydney, Auckland & Melbourne. By virtue of their locations, these studios have important access to two of our key markets and the ability to explore and forecast design trends.

Bursting with creativity, the studios and their team's research, develop and customise fabric and wallpaper from conception to market entry. Their ability to work with international suppliers and view textiles within the greater design context provides an essential service to the company and our customers.

At James Dunlop Textiles we are interested in different ways of living. We’re constantly exploring what fabric can bring to people’s life. We view the world through a uniquely Australasian lens, so in designing and curating our collections we look both outwards and inwards.

Being on-trend is compulsory, but as important to us is being relevant to the environmental and situational usage that our fabrics will be exposed to. Whether it Christchurch, Canberra or California, our textiles have been purposely designed to perform and look great.

Our Culture
We’re a people business and we’re relationship-driven. Our suppliers, and most importantly our customers like to know that our people care and are passionate about the product and level of service they provide.

We have a fabulous team of talented individuals who work together at all levels to achieve the vision and goals of James Dunlop Textiles.

Our success stems from a genuine passion for product and a desire to exceed customer expectations at all levels.

At a glance:

  • 10 showrooms in Australia and New Zealand
  • 175 employees worldwide
  • 5000 active customers
  • Exporting to 15 countries daily
  • Sourcing product from 28 countries
  • 11 kilometres of shelving in our warehouse
  • 50,000 metres of fabric dispatched per week