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Rural Riverhead Retreat

Our client had a strong interest in a fully automated home and was working with a tight timeframe and a strict budget.  The system that we designed for them delivered an integrated automation system from day one, whilst allowing for easy expansion of the system in the future.

At this clients home we have integrated Multiroom Audio, Home Theatre, Displays,  Blinds, Underfloor Heating, Heated Towel Rails, Hot Water Pumps, Tank Level Sensors and Security.  The system is designed for the future installation and integration of Lights, Curtains, Access, Cameras and HVAC.

To overcome the tight timeframe we pre-programmed much of the system offsite and deployed the code once at site.  We also sent additional techs to site to work alongside our system specialists to hit the project milestones required of us.

The client is very happy with the result commenting on simplicity of operation.  With best of breed subsystems and tight integration from Vantage the commissioning and training times were minimal and this system is a new benchmark for our business on mid level integrated systems.

Distributed audio is controlled via Vantage Equinox app, providing the client control of all aspect of their home from the one app.

HDMI switching and selection is also automated using the cascadable video control schema provided by the Vantage Equinox video widget.  Using this approach we are able to provide the client a simple flat list of sources to watch, they don’t need to know or understand that these sources may be coming from in the room, nearby or across the house, nor that the switch point may be the display itself, or a remote AVR, all the user sees is a simple flat list.

Security includes motion sensors (infrared and microwave detectors) as well as door bugs and hard wired smoke detectors, internal and external sirens and control of the garage and front door release.  The alarm can be controlled by monitored radio remotes, a colour touchscreen discretely mounted adjacent to the front and garage door as well as the Vantage app so the client has one app to control any aspect of their automated home including security.

The system is currently configured to control the shades that were installed during commissioning, and is expandable to control the curtains that will be installed in the years ahead.   In addition to this we are currently controlling electric windows.  Due to the 15′ stud, and north facing aspect of the house, natural ventilation was important but impossible to achieve without the integration of electric operable windows.

In this rural setting water tank level sensors have been installed to detect fluid levels in the tanks which transmit the level data, along with temperature, signal strength and battery level to the base receiver mounted in the main hub.  This information is delivered to the Vantage control system and allows the client to check fresh and grey water levels from any touchscreens on site, or on any phone or tablet either on site or off site.  The vantage system also alerts us to low battery levels in the two tank senders via an email to our service coordinator providing excellent support to our client.

One of the most powerful and often used automation features we install is also probably the most subtle.  The AV Widget on the Vantage system presents a simple volume slider to the client with the room name over it.  This is greyed out when the system is off. Tapping the name or the slider turns the room on. Pretty straightforward from a users perspective.  What is going on in the back end is we are checking and controlling the power state of the rooms Display, checking and controlling the power state of the AVR, and activating any sources relevant to that room.  In addition we are selecting the clients favourite source, rather than just the last source used, so the system boots up into a preset state ready for the client commands.

We have provided automation of the underfloor heating system using timers which the client can adjust, override or skip.

We have automated the control of the electric windows in several ways. The client has usual open / close / stop control and in addition they can set and recall favourite presets. By tapping on a picture of the window at a certain point this opens the window to that position removing the need for waiting for the windows to open to a desired level.  Simply hit the preset and walk away.  All windows in the house can also be controlled from one button – useful for example, where you would like ‘shut all’ at night time.

All subsystems on the site are tightly integrated with the Vantage Infusion control system using Equinox which delivers consistent control interfaces to the client whether on the dining room wall pad, on their ipad in the theatre or across the world on their phones.

We are proud of the tight yet simple integration and control we have achieved for our client using the best of breed subsystems and simple and consistent control interface from the Vantage Equinox system.

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