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Blended Building Extension

THE CLASSIC VILLA and the classic barn-style home. Putting two structures side by side in a cityscape might cause a few raised eyebrows. But in a country and lifestyle setting, the two were meant for each other. Stylistically different but both have a heritage that belongs together. 

After all, when the first villas were built by the Romans in the First Century BC, they were a country retreat for life, leisure and relaxation. 

When the villa owners of a property in Matakana started making plans for renovating their existing home and expanding their living areas, they realised the benefits of using a Customkit design. One specifically developed for them but based on the ‘other’ timeless country style dwelling: The Barn House. 

Customkit managing director Michael Anselmi remembers he had some initial reservations about blending the two styles. That was until he began working with the client, and his team, to develop plans that connected the two. The fact both houses were made out of New Zealand-grown wood proved one of many positive starting points. 

“They are certainly architecturally different, but the flow of the rooflines provides the first point of visual engagement. The exterior colour schemes are appropriate to each of the buildings but, again, are similar enough in hue to allow for them to be pleasing to the eye and the environment. 

 “We have a variety of claddings for our structures and the option selected is in keeping with the villa external finish. 

“We use the term ‘Barn House’ to reflect the origins of a high studded, open plan living and accommodation, but the idea of the ‘ultimate lifestyle dwelling’ covers the full range of houses we design and build.” 

The interior design and layout of the villa renovation followed a more traditional path. The Barn House part is an open plan and perfect for keeping the blend of inside and outside living seamless and satisfying. 

 The use of LVL beams and high ceilings ensured airy and inviting spaces for family and friends. There are ample decking and garden areas, with the pool area juxtaposed to the new dwelling. 

Michael Anselmi says there’s a positive connection between the land and the history of the country by retaining the full integrity of the villa. Yet the 21st century is ingrained in the project and the creative blending of the two buildings. 

“It shows that with open minds, a sense of adventure, good planning, and design, plus being resolved to creating a wonderful lifestyle home and property, the sky is the limit.” 

As experts in creating a legacy of lifestyle homes and structures, Customkit can help in both the inspiration and problem solving if something seems too difficult. It never is. 

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