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SRG House - Sydney, Australia

Many architects have contributed to the history of this Sydney home, from its original owner and namesake Sir Roy Grounds to the architect who conceived of it in 1972, Stuart Whitelaw, and finally current homeowner and architect Conrad Johnston of Fox Johnston, who has given the home a new lease on life using Abodo eco timbers and an extended floor plan.

Choosing Abodo Vulcan WB10 145x20 vertical boards with a Protector Oil Walnut stain in the place of cedar meant creating a similar look to the original cladding but without the pitfalls of stability issues and frequent maintenance.

Vulcan Cladding is created using thermally modified New Zealand-grown timber, which along with its patented vertical grain construction gives an enhanced level of stability and durability without the need for chemical preservatives. Read more about this project here.

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