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Stunning home in Wanaka

Metalier Smoky Bronze features on the stunning panels over the fireplace and on the kitchen cupboards.

The project was a close collaboration of architect Regan Johnston of Johnston Architects and Jane McAulay-Frame of Bespoke, Interior Architecture and Design.

Regan was responsible for the architecture and structure of the building while Jane, who frequently works with Regan, assisted with the selection of all exterior and interior finishes and fittings. This ensured that all the materials and textures of the building are cohesive, both inside and out. Jane also specified the furniture in the project and had many pieces custom made using Metalier again on these. Gini accessorized it.

The building is set in a spectacular valley with awe-inspiring views to the mountains of Central Otago. The autumnal colour palette, with its emphasis on bronze, creams and warm heathery light greys speaks to and reflects the colours outside. The owners wanted to have their large TV over the fireplace but didn’t want to see it or have it dominate the room when it was not in use. An empty black oblong did not sit well with the relationship Jane was setting up between inside and out.

Regan decided to camouflage the TV by covering it with 8 panels of Metalier Smoky Bronze in a “raw” rustic finish. Jane, who frequently specifies Metalier, chose it for this project because of its colour, its light weight and its cost-effectiveness. Sheet bronze would have been astronomically expensive and heavy.

To give cohesion to the design and the different spaces in the open-plan living area, Jane chose to use Metalier on the kitchen cupboards. From the island the cupboards behind nod to the panels to the left. The subtlety of the design brings it all together. Because Jane and Regan have worked together frequently, Jane was brought into the project early on. By specifying the materials at an early stage of the build, the owners could become immersed in the planning and also keep their eyes on costs.

All in all it was a successful collaboration and Metalier is proud to be chosen as a standout feature of it.

Jamie Cobel took the stunning photographs.

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Metalier smoky bronze panels hide the TV
Metalier smoky bronze panels complement the awesome view.
The Metalier panels look stunning when the fire is lit.
Metalier cupboard doors give cohesion to the open plan design.
The Metalier cupboard doors nod to the Metalier panels to the left.