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Waiheke Residence - Simple Entertaining

Our client hadn’t lived with technology before however they realised the importance of including it within their new home given the size and complexity of the dwelling.  Their brief was for a full control, entertainment and security solution that would be simple to use, robust and not over the top in terms of specification and performance.  These clients entertain family and friends often, therefore wanted systems that made this easier, and also wanted an easy lock and leave solution.

In this installation Crestron and Vantage provide control of lighting, audio, HD video, heating, fireplaces, towel rails, windows, blinds and drapes, louvres, water features, front door, garage door, surveillance and security.  A Cisco hardwired and clustering wireless network was installed to provide a robust network solution.

MySky HD, Blu ray and HD cameras are sent to four viewing locations, with additional rooms pre-wired to allow future expansion.

Music is distributed to 16 zones allowing the owners, guests and family to enjoy their music independently and to provide a party atmosphere when entertaining, with speakers colour matched to the decor to provide high quality audio without detracting from the design of the house.

The clients wanted a generator to be integrated in future in this rural location and so a power conditioner and surge protector protects the equipment from electrical spikes and brown-outs.

The system we designed provides control of the underfloor heating eliminating the room mounted units typically installed by the heating contractor.

The addition of a ceiling tilt unit conceals the master bedroom TV and retains the expansive sea views when not in use.

The security system incorporates internal motion and full perimeter detection, with a surveillance system to keep watch over the property.  Zone status and cameras are viewable on the touchpanels. Smoke and heat detectors are connected to the system for fire detection. Alarm activations turn on all lights, arming activates “away” mode and shuts off lights, fires and AV systems, disarming the alarm activates path lighting.

A high degree of security ensures the client feels safe at home and has total piece of mind while away.

Powerful yet discrete home entertainment systems blend seamlessly into the home and provide the wow factor the client desired when entertaining friends and family.

All aspects of interior design were carefully considered during the installation to ensure the home wasn’t dominated by technology.

Wall clutter has been eliminated through the use of robust and reliable control systems.

Comfort, convenience, security and excitement are integrated to provide the client with a total technology solution that’s simple, secure, fun and reliable.

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