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Waitoki School

This school has a vision of a sustainable future, which is manifest throughout the school. A journey of which we had the privilege of being part of, with our Naturaflow wastewater treatment system.

The current wastewater system was failing and the resource consent due for renewal. The principal at the Waitoki school had to get the system upgraded soon, for the safety and health of the children as well as meeting the council requirements.

This was an extensive project involving the complete removal and replacement of the old treatment system. Located in a flood plain, a high level of treatment was required. The NF12000 system fitted the bill perfectly, being a sustainable solution that provided the necessary treatment level.

Following the initial treatment of the waste by two wormorators, the wastewater is then pumped into two aerating biofilters. The aerating biofilters bring the treatment level up to advanced secondary; following this it goes through UV disinfection prior to discharge.

Generating zero sludge and having minimal power input, this wastewater system will continue to deliver for years to come.

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System is discrete amongst the landscaping
Removal of the old failing septic
Installation of the plant filters
UV treatment installed at the end of the completed plant filters
Mulch cover for the irrigation area
Fully planted irrigation area

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