The art of tapware

Well-designed tapware is an art form. A timeless design combined with the highest quality materials and componentry creates a product that won’t date and will last for decades.  Beautiful tapware is a central design feature of any kitchen or bathroom; an object of both beauty and function.

It’s not easy to achieve this subtle balance and to produce the perfect tapware but with the right combination of design, quality, craftsmanship and finish, it is possible to create that perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

“Getting balance into the design of a tap is crucial. When it is right, it looks perfect. When it’s not, it is offensive to the eye,” high-end tapware distributor In Residence’s Stephan Marshall says. He believes the design of a tap needs firstly to clarify its particular style, whether it is classic, traditional, contemporary or country. “The design then moves into the finer details. We often see taps that just don’t have any finesse in the way they are designed and made. The handle may be too large or long for the overall design, or a component’s details don’t fit with the whole product.

“A tap that is well detailed and balanced stands out for its astute design and people with an eye for design appreciate it. When that tap is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, people will appreciate it further when they touch and feel it. High quality tapware is incomparable to cheaper alternatives.”

Often, contemporary taps at the mid and lower end of the market are made with aluminium and 

plastic, but tapware was traditionally made with brass and that’s what Marshall believes a good manufacturer should still use. “Brass comes in different qualities and its important first of all to ensure that a good quality brass is chosen. When the tap is being manufactured, there are elements of the process that can dilute the quality of the brass so it’s important to know that the purity of the brass has been maintained throughout the manufacturing process. A high quality tapware manufacturer will ensure this is the case.”

In Residence sells the high-end range of English tapware by Perrin and Rowe, a company that manufactures all its own products. This is another thing that Marshall says is vital in ensuring a product is of the highest quality. “A reputable brand will manufacture its own products in its own factory where they are in control of maintaining the highest standards right from design through to the completion of the finished product.

“In this way, they have full control over the materials used, the electroplating process, the componentry and the finish. That is why Perrin and Rowe tapware lasts for decades.”

In Residence also has an offering of complementary, English-made kitchen and bathroom fittings including heated towel railstoiletsbasins, etc. They also import traditional sinks and urinals from Europe and specialise in working on architecturally designed homes, boutique hotels and high-end restaurants.

If you’re after tapware and associated products that will pass the test of time and inject style into your next kitchen or bathroom project, get in touch with In Residence on ArchiPro here.