Hawthorn Hill Floor Mounted Towel Warmer

Today’s bathrooms are no longer stark spaces designed with little more than necessity in mind but have evolved to become a room of intimate serenity & warmth. The modern bathroom should be a sanctuary within the home, away from our often busy and untailored lives. While design remains the key, ultimately it is the choice of fittings that define a bathroom’s ability to act as a cleansing and positive space within the home.

Handcrafted in England, Hawthorn Hill has raised the bar with their elegant range of basin stands and heated towel rails in electric, hydronic and radiator models. They represent the finest in workmanship, with high quality 32mm brass tubing and iconic ball corner joints creating beautiful feature pieces for any bathroom. The entire towel warmer range is available in a selection of quality finishes - chrome, nickel, pewter, gold, oil rubbed bronze as well as uncoated bare brass to complement your bathroom fittings. Offered in standard dimensions or custom made to the client’s exact specifications, the Hawthorn Hill range will impart a wealth of style and functionality.

The towel warmers are available as electrically heated towel rails, using an efficient & replaceable 100w thermostatic heating element. They are available as freestanding towel rails, mounted to the floor, or as wall or floor mounted towel ladders. For those who require it, the freestanding arched towel warmer may also be employed as a non-heated towel stand.

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