6 ways to be more productive at work

08 October 2021


3 min read



Working non-stop all day will only leave you with a headache. Take a breather and go for a walk around the block. Movement and a bit of fresh air can make the world of difference. Our minds are not built to focus on one thing for hours on end, so these brief breaks can actually allow us to be more productive over the day.


The ideal workplace has windows and daylight. Natural light increases our creativity, energy and productivity. So when looking for a lighting solution, think natural.

If this isn’t an option for you then try to incorporate some indirect lighting in your work space – indirect lighting is a good alternative as it is not harsh on our eyes.


Keeping your desk and workplace tidy and organised allows you to feel organised yourself. A messy desk can leave you feeling stressed and swamped with work.

In my own experience I have found that when my desk is messy and cluttered my mind reflects exactly that! To help keep your work space tidy, avoid printing documents you do not need, and try to create your own system with the documents you do print.


Communication with your team and colleagues is a key element when it comes to being productive. Having a conversation or even a quick brain storm with your colleagues in a relaxed meeting space can be incredibly effective and motivating.

Staff creativity can be effectively enhanced in the right working conditions. Cooperation and communication are key factors in an open, communicative workplace.


If it is too hot or too cold in your office you can guarantee that your productivity is going to slow down. When you are overly hot or cold you will find your mind will tend to focus more on the conditions than your work.

Most researchers have found that an optimal office temperature between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius provides the best air temperature for maximum productivity.


Comfort and ergonomics play a huge part in office well-being, which in turn affects your productivity. If you are not comfortable in your chair or at your desk then you are likely to be thinking more about your discomfort than your work.

Having a good chair that suits you and your body is a good start. A good chair is one that you don’t even think about when you are sitting in it.

There are multiple ergonomic elements that come into play when creating the ideal workplace, but everyone is different so try to find out what works best for you.