8 Safety Tips for your Build or Renovation Project

20 August 2020


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Planning for electrical is an important step in a build or renovation project. Having a well thought-out plan will help you save and prepare for adequate budget upfront as well as ensure all safety measures are thoroughly considered.

Amy Griffiths, PDL’s Home Solutions Consultant highlighted the importance of getting an electrician involved early in the process. The electrician can assess the current situation of your house, check the wiring, and examine the current switchboard to advise if it can cope with the renovation or if it requires any major upgrade. In the case that re-wiring or an upgrade is needed, you will be given a cost indication to factor into the plan.

8 Safety Tips for your Build or Renovation Project

She also shares a couple of valuable tips:

1. Plan your switch and socket placement in rooms and throughout the house so you can make sure the switchboard can handle them all. If you plan to add switches and sockets in the future, it’d best to have the switchboard ready for it now;

2. Consider adding MCB protection at the minimum, which protects electric wires, devices, appliances from overcurrent and prevents potential damage, fire or electrical hazards;

3. Consider adding RCD protection especially if your house is older than 20 years old. The RCD device is designed to protect you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire;

4. Make sure all your power points are still working well, i.e. no discolourisation or black lines around them which indicates they might have had a flash before;

5. Make sure your plugs and leads for your appliances are in good condition. If you see some red, black and green wires in your power cords, they will need to be replaced;

6. Test your smoke alarms regularly, at least every 6 months;

7. If a circuit breaker trips even once in the last 6 months, get an electrician to come and check;

8. Call your electrician when you have doubts about any electrical in your home. They can check, identify the risks early and ensure safety is maintained.

8 Safety Tips for your Build or Renovation Project

Having safety measures in place for your new build or reno will not only give you peace of mind but also protect your family, house and investment.

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