A Focus On Excellence

18 June 2020


4 min read

Bathrooms by Elite, as our name would suggest, are kind of obsessed with bathrooms. And while the other rooms in your home will of course have their uses, your bathroom will be where you prepare yourself for an amazing day or maybe unwind from a tough day. Whatever the day, in fact, your bathroom will have a huge impact on your home, so we are providing you with an inside interview with one of our qualified designers on all things 'bathroom design'.

What was the catalyst for you to get into interior design?

"To be honest I have always liked art and design and have always been a visual person, even from a young age I would rearrange my entire bedroom monthly."

What do you love about working for Bathrooms by Elite?

"The people and the team I get to work with. Designing a bathroom is one element to the process we undertake and knowing the vision my client and I have put together is going to be executed exactly as we imagine it to be is the icing on the cake. Honestly you can have the best design in the world but if your tradesmen and team can’t bring it together then the design will be lost. The details are a huge part of any design and when these aren’t right it throws the whole project."

What gives Bathrooms by Elite its point of difference?

"As mentioned above, it’s the team we have. Each of our tradesmen are specifically qualified/experienced in their field of expertise and we all work together. Communication is integral for anysuccessful project. Also what other company on the market offers you a free qualified, experienced designer to put together your dream bathroom."

A Focus On Excellence

How do you make it easy for your clients?

"We work through a number of different steps with our clients to ensure we are working to their needs. Every client is different therefore every project is different. We are experts in our field therefore can help streamline decisions and ensure items selected will work for the space. There are a number of components to a bathroom renovation and it is very easy to overlook things if you are not used to dealing with them. That stress is ultimately taken off a client’s hands when we are involved as we are on board from the get go, initial design to full undertaking of the entire renovation."

What are some things people need to consider before renovating their bathrooms?

"Budget this is a big one. People underestimate how much a good tradesmen can cost, this is super important. I have seen some absolutely shocking tiling jobs and it really pulls away from the otherwise beautiful fixtures. It is also important to employ a good quality tradesmen not just for the finished look but for the durability of a space. Also spending money on things you might not see e.g. upgrading yourbhot water cylinder to mains pressure, it’s the best thing I did in my own house and meant I wasn’t limited to certain tapware ranges. I also know for a fact not all plumbers offer clients this option so it is definitely worth asking about. Luckily the service Bathrooms by elite offers is all inclusive and we run through all these factors with our clients, therefore they know what their overall spend will be from the get go."

When choosing subcontractors, what do you look for?

"We have used the same team for a long time now as they are super reliable and most of all produce outstanding results. However I would say personal recommendations are best from people you trust especially if you can see a tradesmens work before employing them. A lot of our clients are through referrals, which is great because if someone is willing to recommend you to their friends and family they are obviously more than happy with the results they received."

What makes a perfect bathroom?

"Form and function must go hand in hand. It’s nice to have a pretty space but if it’s not functional it almost defeats the purpose. I’m a strong believer in this for every space of my home, I love beautiful things but ultimately I need spaces to work for me and my lifestyle."

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given?

"Planning and preparation are key but also don’t be afraid to let things evolve and roll with the punches. I think this is especially relevant for renovations, you often find things when renovating that weren’t initially accounted for, which is exactly why you want a company like Bathrooms by elite on board. We don’t take short cuts and work as a team to solve any hiccups along the way."