A new linear luminaire hits the commercial scene

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11 October 2023


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Combining great design aesthetics with functionality can be challenging, but that's precisely what this new-to-market linear luminaire achieves.

Creating a productive office space requires careful attention to every detail, from furniture configuration and noise control to colour psychology and lighting. While simple at face value, lighting design can significantly impact productivity if not done correctly. Beyond just illuminating the space, it's crucial to consider factors such as aesthetics, installation, colour temperature, brightness, distribution, energy efficiency, and flexibility to ensure occupants are set up for success.

Lighting specialists Bright Light have two decades of experience designing and developing LED lighting systems that look beautiful and cover the breadth of technical requirements needed for commercial spaces. Launched this October, the newest addition to their range, Element, accomplishes just that.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Element linear luminaire combines years of lighting innovation in one system, hitting each important consideration designers should consider in a commercial lighting solution.

So, what are the critical considerations when selecting an office lighting system, and how does Bright Light's new luminaire range, Element, compare? We spoke to Bright Light’s director David Powley to hear more about how Element enhances commercial spaces.

Available in either 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white, designers can use Element to create different working zones within the office space.
Available in either 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white, designers can use Element to create different working zones within the office space.


Element's clean lines and linear nature provide a stylish, modern accent piece to any space. With Element, designers have the freedom to adapt the lighting system to suit their space — aligning luminaires with existing space geometry and furniture layouts or angling them in breakout zones for more relaxed areas. Element can be produced in single lengths up to 2.5 metres or custom lengths up to 20 metres via multiple pieces with on-site connection. The built-in power connector system and internal joiners allow for easy connection of modules on-site, retaining a sleek look with a single external power cable.

This modular system approach is considerably helpful for shipping and installation where space can be limited. Standard powder-coat finishes in black, white and silver compliment any designer's palette or modern space. And, with local production, custom powder-coat colours are also available, allowing luminaires to match brand colours or interior design concepts.


Flexible lighting design is crucial in commercial spaces because customisation is often needed when it comes to installation. Element models offer versatile installation options — including surface mounting, suspension, or recessed installation — providing flexibility for designers and architects to tailor the lighting solution to specific spatial requirements and design aesthetics. 

Surface mounting provides a sleek and modern appearance, suitable for spaces with lower ceilings or when an architectural statement is desired. Suspension installation creates an elegant, suspended lighting effect, ideal for open areas or settings where a sense of height is needed. Recessed installation, on the other hand, offers a seamless integration into the ceiling, providing a clean and unobtrusive look.

Element models have versatile installation options including surface mounting, suspension, and recessed.
Element models have versatile installation options including surface mounting, suspension, and recessed.

Colour temperature

Colour temperature is a crucial consideration within design, as certain temperatures are more conducive to productivity than others. 3000K is a warm white, which creates a more relaxed feel. For office workspaces, 4000K is the best choice as it stimulates a natural white light, which is especially important for commercial spaces that have large areas without external windows. 

Bright Light's Element linear luminaires are available in either 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white. This enables designers to create different working zones, with natural lighting for workstations and focus rooms, and warmer lighting in breakout areas.

A high colour rendering index (CRI) is also essential for any visually driven workspace, such as design studios, and with a CRI of 90+, Element models excel in this regard.

Brightness and intensity

Like colour temperature, brightness plays a vital role in productivity. Too bright, and occupants will find themselves straining against glare; too dark, and staff will find it difficult to see. Element was designed with options for a lumen output between 1000 – 4000lm/m, and luminaires are custom-built to perfectly meet the demands of the space.  

"It's essential for designers to be able to specify the desired lumen output to ensure the light is suitable for all kinds of architectural spaces and applications," David Powley explains. "Our new Element luminaire has been designed to be highly customisable for this reason."

Light distribution

An even distribution of light across workspaces reduces shadows and ensures all areas receive sufficient illumination, which is particularly important in open-plan offices. Bright Light's luminaire was designed to meet clients' needs with both direct and indirect options in mind. 

Element has two diffuser options for direct lighting. The standard Opal Diffuser provides the maximum light output, perfect for darker environments or high-ceiling applications. The Low Glare Diffuser is German-made with an optical design providing UGR compliance up to 2000lm/m. 

"Both direct lighting diffusers are available in up to 50 metre continuous lengths. This allows for a seamless light surface even where multiple modules are connected for longer linear systems," says Powley.

For indirect lighting, Element features a wide-angle ceiling wash lens with an 83% light output ratio, which produces a soft ceiling wash and is available in conjunction with the two direct light patterns. 

Recessed installation seamlessly integrates into the ceiling for a sleek, discrete appearance.
Recessed installation seamlessly integrates into the ceiling for a sleek, discrete appearance.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient light sources are not only better for the environment but kind to the power bill as well. LED lights use less energy than other light bulbs and produce less heat — with only 5% of energy wasted on heat, compared to 90% of energy wasted with an incandescent bulb. LEDs also have a lifespan of up to 20 years, meaning less landfill waste. 

Bright Light has spent decades on LED light innovation and development as specialists in LED lighting to provide the New Zealand market with high-quality, efficient solutions. To increase energy efficiency, alongside the savings offered by the LED bulbs, the Element range was designed with an internal reflective film with 98% reflectance, targeting around 100lm/W.

Flexibility and control

Providing the flexibility to control lighting brightness, particularly in open-plan workspaces, empowers staff with the freedom to adapt the environment to suit their needs. The Element Linear Luminaire is compatible with DALI-2 and wireless control systems such as Casambi, leaving control in the hands of the user. 

As the new Element linear luminaires are designed and manufactured in New Zealand, designers can expect short lead times and hands-on support from the Bright Light team throughout the entire process.  

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