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09 September 2020


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Hide the elephant in the room with AccessDor access panels

Picture a modern, architecturally designed interior space, with sophisticated furniture, abundant natural lighting, minimalistic clean lines… and an ugly access panel in the wall, interrupting the harmonious flow of the room. That’s where AccessDor comes in.

Access panels hide the necessary functions of a space that we don’t wish to show our guests; often used to provide entry to storage areas, crawl spaces, or service cupboards in walls and ceilings. But just because it’s a vital element of construction, doesn’t mean this access panel needs to be the eyesore of the room.

AccessDor cleverly conceals the appearance of the access panel by creating a flush finish to the drywall and eliminating the need for trims and architraves around the door. With only a 3mm reveal between the door and plasterboard, AccessDor blends seamlessly into the wall or ceiling, resulting in a frameless access panel.

Available in standard sizes or bespoke solutions, AccessDor can be custom made to fit your specifications. The EZ Concept range of AccessDor panels also includes a range of fire rated options and various latch choices to suit your security requirements, including screwdriver cam latch, key operated cam latch or touch latch.

An access panel is not a desirable aesthetic feature of interior design, so hide it from the centre of attention with AccessDor.

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AccessDor - Concealed Access Panels