Design trends are shifting into darker territories. Meet the additions to the Blum range, which complement the new aesthetic.

17 September 2023


2 min read


Rich, dark tones are the emerging trend in kitchen design. As their presence is increasingly felt in New Zealand, Blum has the products to help you deliver an elegant and modern look.

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go like the seasons. Gone are the days when classic white kitchens, light tones and soft palettes dominated the scene; today, designers and homeowners increasingly turn to the dark side to create spaces that exude elegance, warmth, and sophistication.

And as sure as night follows day, the dark designs that are being commissioned at the high end of the market will soon start to influence more budget-friendly projects, from industrial and minimalist to rustic and traditional.

Creating a cohesive look.

Designers and their clients know that dark pieces, such as furniture hardware and accessories, command attention and provide a strong focal point in a space, making them perfect for supporting a design vision. Thus, Blum has extended their range in key areas to ensure designers have a full palette of dark colour options to work with.

At the heart of the range is the LEGRABOX box system. With a comprehensive scope of sizes and applications, LEGRABOX is now available in a carbon black matt finish as well as silk white, orion grey and stainless steel. Replacing the previous terra black option, carbon black provides a deeper tone even under the strong sunlight typical of New Zealand conditions.


CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in onyx black are another addition. With a recent extension to the range, these hinges are designed to complement dark furniture, so the hardworking hinge blends gracefully into the woodwork. They give you greater scope to design fine furniture without compromising on form, function or visual appeal.

Providing effortless access to wall cabinets, the AVENTOS range of lift systems also comes with a dark colour option. An exceptionally wide variety of models – from AVENTOS HF to AVENTOS HK top – provides unrivalled design flexibility, while the dark cover caps underpin the integrity of your visual approach.

Every designer knows the importance of getting each detail just right to ensure a cohesive look. With the latest additions to the Blum range, kitchen hardware will blend seamlessly with your chosen materials and surfaces to deliver the bold and timeless design that is on trend.

Visit your nearest Blum showroom in Auckland or Christchurch and discover dark fittings for all applications.