Discover the luxury bathware made from a unique blend of reclaimed marble, resin, and Barossa Valley minerals

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24 August 2023


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New Zealand’s luxury bathware retailers, Robertson Bathware, welcome Australian-owned bathware designers, Apaiser, to their showroom.

When bringing on a new brand, Robertson Bathware doesn't settle for just anyone. With a reputation for housing luxury, design-driven bathware collections, and a dedication to sustainability, it’s important for new brands to align with these values. 

A recent addition to the Robertson Bathware showroom, Apaiser, ticked all of these boxes. The Australian-owned bathware company was founded in 2000 by Belinda Try, combining locally sourced materials with non-porous marble to bring a uniquely Australian product to the market. 

“The allure of the Apaiser brand lies in their commitment to transforming the bathroom experience through innovative design and craftsmanship. Their bathware pieces are not only visually stunning, but crafted with meticulous attention to detail by master craftsmen. Apaiser's use of revolutionary materials, such as apaiserMARBLE, further sets them apart. Their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices also aligns with our values, making Apaiser an obvious choice for Robertson Bathware,” says Dean Davis, General Manager of Architecture and Design at Robertson Bathware.

Apaiser’s patented marble is a unique material on the market, made from a special blend of reclaimed marble and high-quality resin, and enriched with stone and minerals from Australia’s Barossa Valley. 

“apaiserMARBLE combines the opulence and health benefits of marble with added strength, excellent performance, and reduced weight. This material not only meets global technical standards, but has also undergone independent verification, exemplifying the perfect blend of modern technology and meticulous craftsmanship. Notably, these materials are naturally slip-resistant, which both ensures safety and enhances the collection’s overall appeal,” Davis explains. 

The marble composite contains up to 90% reclaimed marble, a decision that aligns with the brand’s commitment to designing products that are sustainable, ethical, and durable. Otherwise destined for landfill, the reclaimed marble is sourced close to Apaiser’s atelier to minimise transport emissions. All Apaiser products can be 100% recycled at the end of their life, too — ideal for specifiers and homeowners looking to make environmentally conscious choices for their project.

“The use of this high-performing and sustainable material, enriched with Australian minerals, really sets Apaiser apart. Combined with their exceptional craftsmanship, we know their pieces will resonate with our discerning customers.”

Unlike many brands that offer off-the-shelf collections, Apaiser is in a unique position to allow customers to personalise their bathware through their Bath Couture offering, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Through a consultation with Apaiser’s bath couture designers, clients can craft a concept encompassing style, functionality, and comfort — the expert hands of Apaiser’s team guiding every step of the way. Once the concept is refined, and approved, Apaiser’s master craftspeople spend around 300 hours lovingly hand-crafting each piece. 

Alongside the Bath Couture service, Robertson Bathware holds 10 of Apaiser’s collections, ranging from the sleek, simple forms of Allegra to the playful, corrugated texture of Tulle. Each piece is available in a range of colours, from traditional whites to more contemporary blues, greens and blacks. 

The Robertson Bathware team is delighted by the addition of Apaiser to its brand family.

“The Apaiser pieces seamlessly integrate with the other brands we carry, and also align with our renowned reputation for offering premium products, and our focus on style and design,” Davis says. 

Apaiser’s collections are at the forefront of current trends in bathware design. Their designs embrace both timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetics, ensuring their collections remain relevant and adaptable to changing design trends.”

For those curious about an Apaiser piece for their bathroom, Davis recommends visiting the Robertson Bathware Auckland designer showroom to see the collections in person. 

“Our knowledgeable design team can guide customers through the selection process, helping them choose the desired Apaiser product, and addressing any enquiries. Once the selections are finalised, we can place the order and coordinate the delivery process to ensure a smooth and timely experience for our clients.” 

All colours and sizes are available for order with a 16-18 week turnaround time.

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