Ecosmart’s New Fire Pit Tables

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MAD Design

25 October 2023


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EcoSmart expands contemporary fireplace range with versatile, functional new fire pit tables.

Contemporary fireplace leader EcoSmart Fire has unveiled its latest collection of fire pit tables – and versatility is, as always, a hallmark of the new fires.

Crafted using weather-resistant, durable Fluid™ Concrete for the bodies, stainless steel for the burners and trays, and with toughened glass fire screens to provide an all-flame view, the five new models are ideal standalone centrepieces or can be easily paired with sofas, individual chairs, or ottomans.

The ethanol models of the new ventless fires, which can be used in indoor and outdoor settings, are powered by clean-burning, eco-friendly e-NRG fuel, which doesn’t produce smoke, soot or ash, and is formulated to produce a vibrant orange flame. And in the US, UK and Europe, EcoSmart’s Triple Fuel Technology also provides the choice of plumbed natural gas or readily available propane gas, for outdoor-only gas fire pits.

“Since we first created our ventless fire pit tables, we’ve continued to innovate to further meet demand for multi-functional fires that suit a myriad of spaces. Our newest additions are no exception,” says Stephane Thomas, Director MAD Design group of brands, which includes EcoSmart Fire. “All of our fire tables are designed to stand out as individual pieces of fire furniture, or to be perfectly paired with a variety of chairs to personalize your space and meet the demands of everyday living and entertaining. They are timeless and versatile, and provide stunning illumination, warmth and ambience.”


There are four fire pit tables:


Daiquiri 70: an ultra-modern, sophisticated, dual-function fire pit table that provides the perfect focal point. With its linear design, sturdy recessed base, slimline tabletop and functional proportions, the low-height, freestanding fire table brings refined ambience to your surroundings, providing a drawcard piece of fire furniture and a practical coffee table setting with space for food and drinks.


Mojito 40: the essence of modern design style, the EcoSmart Mojito 40 is defined by its clean lines, natural materials and colours, and minimalism. It’s a functional but striking coffee table-style fire pit that can be the centerpiece of a room or positioned to enhance other furniture pieces or accessories. Regardless of where it’s placed, the Mojito 40 adds sophisticated ambience, style and stunning illumination to the surroundings – and you can easily relocate the fire pit depending on the occasion. It also features a decorative but usable space beneath, perfect for cushions, books, or small logs.


Vertigo 50 & Vertigo 40: form and function combine in these contemporary fire pit tables to give real presence, regardless of the setting. There’s the choice of two sizes (the Vertigo 40 and the larger Vertigo 50), depending on the size of the space and the effect you want to achieve. The fires’ low-set, square-shaped design with ample proportions guarantee they make a stunning design statement while ensuring practicality for entertaining purposes. The square base provides myriad options for positioning multiple armchairs around or using a combination of loveseats and single seaters or ottomans to personalise living spaces.

Sidecar 24 + Cube 24 (Bone)
Sidecar 24 + Cube 24 (Bone)

In addition to the fire pit tables, EcoSmart has added a compact yet versatile fire pit to its collection – the Sidecar 24. And flexibility really is integral with this piece. It’s perfect

as a standalone piece of fire furniture or it can be easily transformed into a functional fire table with the addition of one or more concrete Cube 24 coffee table modules from sister brand, Blinde Design. The 50-cm tall Sidecar 40 fire features clean square lines and a compact shape, with an ultra-modern geometric base featuring a ‘kick’ that visually lifts the firepit off the floor, and decorative media in the burner tray to add that extra pizazz. When you want to create a fire table for smaller or larger settings or gatherings, all you need to do is add one, two or more Blinde Design Cube 24 side-table modules to produce a stunning, dual-function fire pit and coffee or side table. Each versatile, lightweight module has been designed to fit perfectly together for easy configuration.

To provide further protection from the elements and to keep the fire pits looking great, EcoSmart also offers two optional accessories:


Silicone burner covers: specially designed, durable silicone covers for protecting ethanol burners from the elements when the fire pit isn’t in use. These come in two sizes (round and linear) to fit all EcoSmart outdoor burners. They protect against the weather, minimise the chance of burners being scratched during times of storage, and prevent water getting into the burner and mixing with the ethanol fuel or contaminating the burner.


Glass cover plates: a versatile auxiliary piece that enhances the versatility of EcoSmart’s fire pit tables. Crafted from toughened glass, EcoSmart’s tinted smoky grey glass cover plates are specially designed to hide the burner section of the fire pit, transforming it into a flat, useable coffee table surface with modern style to suit a range of decors. Ideal for when the fire isn’t being used as often.