Engineered oak veneer panels a game-changer for interiors

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23 May 2024


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The consistency of grain and colour in Bestwood's Evoake veneer panels means you’ll always get a uniform result, without the unpredictable variations that occur with natural veneer.

Although *Evoake veneer panels are engineered from a natural timber, they offer significant benefits for designers and joiners alike, when using oak veneer for their interior projects.  While many people love the fact that every natural veneer panel is unique, from a tree that has essentially its own distinct fingerprints, it can lead to a wide variation in colour and grain across panels, making it more wasteful and expensive when a specific match is required.

We spoke to Johnny Dobbyn from NZ Panels Group, the exclusive supplier of Bestwood Evoake, to learn more about the range and why it’s a great option.

Bestwood's Evoake in a crown cut was chosen for its uniform,  easy-to-work-with layon for this stunning showroom kitchen by designer Georgia Langridge of Modi Design.

Creative freedom 

Replacing the previous Bestwood range of recon veneers which offered a range of distinct but very limited tones, the Evoake range is unstained.  It means that panels can be finished to a precise colour to work with adjacent surface finishes.  And if a project is being supplied in ongoing stages, the uniform colour and grain means the result will be the same whenever the veneer is supplied, unlike natural veneers when every batch can have significant variations.

Both crown-cut and quarter-cut layons are slip-matched, eliminating the risk of panelling or 'picket fencing' that can occur with book-matched layons. Johnny says Bestwood's reputation for quality veneer production is second to none and believes the new Evoake range will have wide appeal across both residential and commercial interiors.

One standout feature when Evoake is used for wall and ceiling panels is the ability to achieve a Group 1-s fire rating when the layons are pressed onto MDF FR Black or MDF FR MR (natural) and given a conventional coating. This eliminates the need for an intumescent coating, a significant advantage in terms of cost, time and convenience.

Modi Design selected a soft grey stain to enhance the oak's crown cut structure and grain.

Showcasing Evoake 

Case study: Modi Design showroom kitchen

The stunning showroom kitchen by designer Georgia Langridge of Modi Design showcases the exceptional consistency of Bestwood Evoake veneer in a crown cut. Modi Design aimed to select a durable material that offered a natural, timeless aesthetic for their kitchen cabinetry. They wanted the design to be welcoming, appealing, and cohesive with the rest of their showroom.

Bestwood's Evoake was chosen for its uniform,  easy-to-work-with layon, allowing for precise matching on panels and minimising waste. Collaborating closely with MF Turnbull, Modi Design selected a soft grey stain to enhance the oak's crown cut structure and grain. To complete the design, a melamine woodgrain was chosen for the interior cabinetry, creating a beautiful two-toned look and a subtle surprise when the drawers are opened.

Designer Georgia Langridge has become a fan of Evoake for its ease of use and is already planning future projects using the product.

The Evoake quarter-cut veneer is showcased in this stunning contemporary kitchen.

Case Study: Evoake quarter-cut veneer 

Another convincing example of Evoake’s versatility is this kitchen which perfectly shows the effect of the consistent grain of Evoake quarter-cut veneer. With quarter-cut natural veneer becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to source, the engineered Evoake panels in a quarter-cut oak structure resolves that issue.

Supplied with a coarse factory sand, Evoake panels stain very well to any desired colour or can be clear-coated to highlight the natural oak colour, maintaining a light and bright aesthetic. Joiners and finishers have both commented how well Evoake stains, and they love that the finished result is never any surprise which it can be with some veneer species.

“With its quality production and innovative features, Evoake is set to become the go-to choice for veneer panels in both residential and commercial projects.”

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*Evoake is a registered trademark of Bestwood

The quarter-cut veneer features a consistent and seamless grain.