Innovative Design Choice: Exploring the Advantages of Brushed Thermally Modified Timber

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06 July 2023


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Discover why we think it’s a great alternative to charred timber and learn about the unique look and benefits it achieves.

Aesthetic Appeal

Brushing your timber cladding allows you to create a distinctive and natural appearance that enhances the wood grain, softly highlighting its natural texture. This process retains the timber’s original colour and character while adding a tactile quality. Enhancing the brushed timber with a factory-applied dark timber stain can help you achieve a distinctive three-dimensional grain effect, loved by Architects and Homeowners alike.

Brushed TMT Taiga_Random Width Vertical Cladding coated in JSC Scumble colour Nightfall

Maintenance and Longevity

Brushing timber cladding preserves the structural integrity of the wood without the need to burn the timber face and gently removes the softer summer growth rings without damage or splintering, leaving the denser winter growth rings intact. This maintains the strength of the timber without compromise to its long-term stability.  
When combined with brushing, quality coatings further protect the cladding surface from the environment, with the base-coat factory applied to all surfaces. The removal of softer wood fibres during brushing improves moisture shedding and minimises the potential for distortion.  The brushing process eliminates loose fibres and surface imperfections, resulting in a smooth finish. This smoothness makes the cladding easy to clean and maintain, enhancing longevity.

Healthy Option

Brushing is a mechanical process that does not involve the release of harmful emissions, making it an emissions-safe option for both the environment and processors. 

Brushed TMT Taxon coated in JSC Coda colour Galaxy

Greater Design Flexibility

Brushing also allows for greater design flexibility. The process can be customised to deliver varying degrees of texture, ranging from a light brushing that retains more of the surface uniformity, to a heavier brushing that further enhances the grain definition for added texture. This adaptability offers architects and designers the scope to create unique visual effects with subtle variations of light and shade.

Note - It's important to consult with a JSC professional who can provide tailored advice based on your desired aesthetic, project requirements, and personal preference.

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