Into the future: the customisable shower

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27 May 2018


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At one time or another, we’ve all wrestled with a mixer trying desperately to get the water to the ideal temperature and moved it too much one way...

At one time or another, we’ve all wrestled with a mixer trying desperately to get the water to the ideal temperature and moved it too much one way and found ourselves cold, or too much the other way and quickly stepped out of water that’s much too hot.

Before long, that sort of experience will only be a memory with the latest in shower innovations paving the way towards a very different bathroom experience.

One of the latest innovations in showerware is the customisable shower, a system that can be built of different, individual parts depending on the user’s preference, and one that has an inbuilt thermostatic control so the shower turns on at the push of a button at the perfect temperature every time.

EASYSET - For Extreme Shower Enjoyment

Known as the EasySet shower system by American Standard, this new technology is exclusively available in New Zealand through Robertson Bathware and is unique in the market because of its ability to customised, Robertson Bathware’s James von Batenburg says.

“EasySET operates with a simple on-off push button, which you can then turn the knob to adjust water volume, making the shower experience quick and easy.” James says.


“The handpiece functions are altered with the press of a button, moving between three settings depending on what the user prefers,” Those settings move between ‘tranquil rain’, a soft, drizzling shower experience, to ‘jet rain’ a targeted spray that kneads tired muscles, and ‘therapy rain’, a setting designed to sooth and gently relax the body.

The thermostatic mixer is a separate part of the customisable system and allows for the water temperature to be set to a consistent temperature. “It also has a safety temperature control and auto shut-off function to prevent accidental scalding should the cold water supply fail.”

EASYSET - For Extreme Shower Enjoyment

But the beauty of this new buildable shower technology means a user can choose which elements of the system they would like, or incorporate all elements to achieve a complete system. Each element – the thermostatic mixer, body jets, the handspray piece, and the overhead shower – are all separate elements and work individually as well as together as a system.

“This is the future of shower technology: thermostatic showers as opposed to the traditional shower mixer,” James says. “The ability to customise your shower is also a step towards the future. It’s human-centric design, created for enjoyment and ease of use.”

If you’re looking at upgrading or designing a new bathroom, make sure you visit Robertson Bathware on ArchiPro here to see what the future of showers looks like.

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