How has rimless flushing been revolutionised?

22 November 2022


2 min read

Introducing a completely rimless flush with concealed water outlet for a cleaner look and more hygienic flush.

Next steps in toilet evolution

The latest toilet design innovation from Propel Industries combines their ever popular and powerful Tornado flush™ with an ultra clean rimless design. The Zero Rim™ is the only completely rimless design with a concealed water outlet to allow for better aesthetics whilst maintaining a full 360 degree sweeping flush that vigorously cleans the bowl without all the noise.

Including a specially designed drop zone to combat unwanted marking this toilet is undoubtedly the cleaner and better choice for a new bathroom install. The S-trap offset is designed to work up to 225mm extension allowing for a larger range of install applications.  

Why choose rimless?

Traditional toilet designs feature an overhang profile that can trap dirt and germs that are hard to clean. Newer rimless designs combat this issue with no overhang but the Zero Rim works even further towards a completely smooth rim profile that is effortlessly easy to clean.

How has rimless flushing been revolutionised?

A cleaner flush and a cleaner aesthetic too

High performance and hygienic rimless flushing is united with sleek and clean style. The wafer thin tank is designed for a softer look with a minimalist designed soft close lid. Combined with clean, modern lines in the pan shape this toilet will suit any bathroom decor.

How has rimless flushing been revolutionised?

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