Italian geometry and comfort

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06 June 2021


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A luxurious new collection of furniture by renowned Italian designer Maurizio Manzoni combines distinctive geometry with essential comfort to create a sophisticated yet warm and relaxed atmosphere finely tuned to individual requirements.

The global pandemic, subsequent lockdowns and travel restrictions redefined the way we use our living spaces as more people spend time at home.

Irina Rais, CEO of DeLux Interiors says, creating a comfortable ambience became more important than ever during this time. “Because they were spending so much more time living and working in their homes, people started to think more about the kind of furniture that made them feel good. They became even more discerning about what they like.”

DeLux Interiors is well-positioned to respond to this new sensibility.

The European furniture importer has always carefully considered the needs and tastes of each client to create interiors where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. Each individual project they work on is unique but with all clients, they offer that extra touch of sophistication and luxury.

A new twist on an old favourite, the Avenue Lounge Chair combines traditional comfort with contemporary styling for a 'modern classic' look.

DeLux Interiors: luxury furniture design

Meticulous collaboration between team members sets each project apart. After thoroughly researching all the client’s requirements, they take into account the preferences of each family member, to fine tune layouts, offering bespoke furniture in a careful choice of beautiful materials and fabrics. Pieces can also be beautifully finished with gold leaf applications or chrome and brass details.

They create a wide range of furniture styles, which gives the ability to curate interiors with any look, from opulent classic French style to cutting edge contemporary chic.

Their latest range, the Avenue Collection was created specifically for ByKepi by Italian designer Maurizio Manzoni.

Manzoni went to school in Florence and graduated with a degree in architecture. He has built a stellar reputation in both architecture and design and has collaborated with many prestigious Italian companies as well as working abroad. Manzoni does everything from interior design, graphic design, architecture projects, product and fabric design, as well as designing and planning the interiors and exteriors of boats and yachts. He co-founded StudioMEMO in 2001 with professor Roberto Tapinassi and creates products for the successful company, Cierre.

All of his products have a distinctive style using intricate details, inspired by geometry. But what makes them particularly suited for DeLux Interiors is their emphasis on comfort.

With it's symmetrical 'book end' design and fluted detailing, the Avenue Credenza is a statement piece suited to both contemporary and traditional design schemes.

The Avenue Collection: European design sensibility for New Zealand homes

The Avenue Collection includes pieces for any room in the home, from the entry foyer to the lounge, dining room and bedroom. The furniture is distinguished by sleek, straight lines and smooth and shiny surfaces. The focus is on simple, geometric shapes using precious materials such as brass and natural marble to make it a truly luxurious collection.

The furniture is the result of both the designer’s skill and the craftsmanship of ByKepi artisans. Each piece has been designed with a vision to convey a unique, luxury presence. The sofas, occasional chairs and cabinets are suitable for all kinds of interiors – from contemporary and classic homes to apartments and hotels.

Whatever your preference, DeLux Interiors has an extensive range of classical, Art Deco and Modern styles that give the perfect combination of elegance, quality and comfort. Inspired design concepts are complemented by high quality materials.

Irina and her staff would like to invite homeowners to the DeLux Interiors showroom, where they will treat you to a product presentation to help you find your own style.

Irina says, “To indulge in the DeLux Interiors showroom experience, it is best to book a one-on-one consultation. We recommend this to clients, so they are rewarded with our dedicated attention.

“Delux Interiors is not about simply selling furniture, we want to help clients to discover and create their own personal style so their home is truly unique and special to them.”

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