Masons Launches into Australia

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24 August 2022


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Innovative Kiwi company has launched innovative and compliant roof and wall wraps into the Aussie market.

Based in New Zealand for 20 years, Brisbane-born Trent Mason is expanding his company Masons Plastabrick NZ into Australia. Masons Aust Ltd has an office and distribution warehouse in New South Wales and will provide innovative roof and wall wrap products to builders and homeowners across the country – all in compliance with the Australian building code.

Well-known for providing innovative, affordable and effective solutions to the New Zealand building industry, Masons will initially provide the vapour permeable range of products in Australia, before introducing a wider range as demand grows.

As well as being compliant, Masons’ roof and wall wrap products meet the 2019 change in requirements in the National Construction Code relating to condensation management in the home.

Innovative wall and roof underlays are key to Masons’ success

Masons Plastabrick Ltd began from grassroots in 2002 when 19-year-old Trent emigrated to New Zealand and started bringing quality building products missing from the Kiwi building industry. Having worked as a self-employed bricklayer, Trent introduced ‘plaster over brick‘ into the country, growing from a small bricklayers tools shop into a nationwide company with a team of 15 staff today.

The key to Masons’ success has been the development of a range of products that bring innovation and efficiencies to builders and homeowners.

The Masons UNI PLUS Flexible Air Barrier is an example of the patented technology developed by the company – a flexible air barrier considerably less expensive than rigid air barriers, but with most of the benefits. UNI allows builders to work on the interior while they’re waiting for the cladding to arrive, so building programmes can keep moving. The use of UNI has saved builders and homeowners thousands of dollars by simply speeding up the construction time of each project.

Masons builds long-term relationships with its customers

Masons provides back-up support to quickly deal with any queries that may arise during the building process. “Product service is the foundation of what we do,” says Trent. "Our sales team are genuine building experts who build long-term relationships with our clients. We are there when we’re required to give information, documentation and answers.”

All Masons’ products have third-party compliance, offering builders and homeowners assurance that they meet Australia’s National Construction Code. Masons engages the use of professional building compliance companies and expert building product engineers that independently reviews all of Masons’ testing and literature to ensure each product complies with the Code, with all the compliance certifications stamped on the packaging.

The Masons products currently available in Australia are:

· UNI PLUS Flexible Air Barrier – a class 4 vapour permeable fire retardant and water-resistant synthetic wall underlay which gives up to 90 days of UV protection. It has undergone cyclone testing for wind resistance.

· Barricade FR class-4 Vapour-permeable Wall Wrap – a class 4 vapour permeable fire-retardant flexible building wrap with UV resistance for to 60 days.

· Maxi Plus Roof Underlay – a Medium-duty class 4 vapour permeable, fire retardant, flexible roof underlay that assists in the control of moisture.

Masons currently has a patent pending on a vapour-permeable thermal break, a product that’s in line with changes to the building code that requires underlays for vapour permeability and water resistance. “These products will be ready for the market approximately November 2022,” says Trent. “We’re really looking forward to serving the Australian market, with a solid range of high-performing vapour-permeable products.”

Find out more

Visit and call Adam at Masons Aust (NZ) Ltd on 00 64 406 760 816 for more information.

The key to Masons’ success has been the development of a range of products that bring innovation and efficiencies to builders and homeowners.