Quality Over Quantity

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04 September 2020


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Increasingly Kiwi consumers are becoming aware of the impact they have on the marketplace, environment and future generations still to come – and these choices we make do matter.

Consciously deciding where to contribute product demand; the goods and services that are worth using and living with, as well managing what works with our day to day practicalities are all subtle but fundamental elements to life in modern New Zealand.

Low cost, high quality – perhaps too good to be true? Or a case of understanding what one is really paying for and what one is buying for – sometimes two different things.

Intent is a common driver for us at times, and when we choose to use natural, long lasting products we intend on utilising quality and healthy material selection. Compatible with sustainability and obvious functionality; nothing truer to be said about hardwoods; recycled, reclaimed or unused.

When faced with differences in prices, durability and aesthetic it can be easier to sway to the most convenient and cheapest option – get the job done. Though, can we do better? Yes.

Two common products for the same applications – though one is more sustainable, more durable, significantly stronger and looks better the longer in place, can you guess which?

Hard to tell the difference to begin with on the surface; though time is the true test for these popular materials.
For nearly twice the price one will get near a 360% increase in (average) sleeper life span.
– That’s significant incremental value to be had, with positive yields from not having to pull out rotten macrocarpa (or other) landscaping timbers every 6 years; contributing to a higher valued life cycle and an installation to enjoy for the ages.

Utilise Australian hardwood sleepers once, save landscaping another four or five times over – save your back, or someone else’s, not to mention the wallet too!
All the while knowing the right choice was made from the beginning.

A quality selection that will look great the whole time, hardwood railway sleepers that develop character and integrate entirely with their surroundings.

So, as the busy time of year creeps in and the weather begins to mild out, bear in mind some of the obvious choices that may not be so obvious when perusing this seasons letterbox flyers and the worldwide web for your up and coming design & installation.
Remember, proper planning and preparation are paramount.

Make sure to visit our gallery and product section to see what looks and styles can be achieved through rustic, new or used – sustainably sourced hardwoods. Get in touch for more information and images.