Revamp your exterior: exploring trendy balustrade designs

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14 May 2024


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Whether you're revamping your balcony, deck, or terrace, the balustrade design choices you make can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your outdoor area.

Balustrades have transcended their utilitarian origins to become focal points that elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces. Whether you're contemplating a balcony overhaul, a deck renovation, or a terrace transformation, the choices you make regarding balustrade design can significantly impact the overall ambience and usability of your outdoor area.

To delve into the innovations shaping contemporary balustrade design, we sat down with Neville Barrett from Provista Balustrade Systems, who shared key insights into the latest trends. 

Trends in balustrade designs for outdoor spaces

According to Barrett, the prevailing trends in balustrade designs for outdoor spaces are characterised by a fusion of minimalism and sophistication. Sleek styles, often crafted from materials like aluminium and glass, are en vogue, offering a seamless blend of modernity and functionality. 

“Customisation with lighting features or integrated planters is also trending, to add both functionality and aesthetic appeal.”

When it comes to balustrade materials, Barrett highlights the diverse ways in which different options influence both the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of outdoor spaces. 

“Aluminium balustrades are lightweight and versatile. They can be powder-coated in different colours and textures to match the exterior design scheme and are often used in modern as well as coastal settings.”

A semi frameless glass balustrade by Provista Balustrade Systems gives a clean and modern look, opening this deck up to the views.

On the contrary, glass provides a modern and sleek appearance, allowing for unobstructed views and a sense of openness. 

“It's also easy to clean and maintain. However, it may not offer as much privacy or protection from the elements compared to other materials.”

For homeowners seeking to infuse their outdoor spaces with the latest balustrade innovations, Barrett suggests exploring avant-garde approaches to balustrade design. 

“Aluminium fins add style and privacy while larger fin profiles are used as architectural features. Fin profiles are generally rectangular or squarem, installed vertically or horizontally.”

Privacy screens are another key trend; these balustrades incorporate maintenance-free slats.

“They add privacy, weather protection and great aesthetics to any patio or deck, while allowing airflow,” shares Barrett. “Adjustable louvres allow occupants to adapt the outdoor space according to their preferences and the changing weather conditions.”

Artistic panels are another option and can be custom-designed from materials like glass, metal, or composite materials, featuring intricate patterns, laser-cut designs, or even artwork. These panels can serve as focal points while adding a unique aesthetic to the exterior. 

For most balustrade options lighting features can be integrated, says Barrett.

“Embed LED lights within the balustrade structure to provide ambient lighting for outdoor spaces during the evening. Lighting can be recessed into the handrails or installed along the posts to create a soft and inviting atmosphere.”

In navigating the myriad options available, Barrett emphasises the importance of considering several key factors. 

Aesthetic preferences, materials, safety and building codes, functionality, maintenance, and budget constraints all play pivotal roles in selecting the optimal balustrade design. 

“By carefully considering these factors, homeowners can select a balustrade design that not only enhances the beauty and functionality of their outdoor space but also meets their practical needs and budget constraints.”

A Euroslat balustrade by Provista Balustrade Systems is the ideal way to create privacy.

Navigating building codes and regulations

Local building codes and regulations wield considerable influence over balustrade design choices, shaping everything from height requirements to material specifications. Barrett stresses the importance of compliance with these regulations to ensure safety and avoid potential setbacks during the construction process.

“Ensure that the chosen balustrade design meets local building codes and safety regulations, particularly regarding height requirements, spacing between balusters, and load-bearing capacity. Safety should be a top priority, especially for elevated decks or balconies.”

Consulting with professionals well-versed in local building codes can provide invaluable guidance in navigating this regulatory landscape. Provista Balustrade Systems franchisees are dedicated Balustrade specialists that can advise on cost-effective balustrade solutions for all architectural property styles and budgets. 

Maintenance considerations for longevity and performance

Maintaining balustrades in optimal condition is paramount for their longevity and performance. From routine cleaning to periodic inspections for damage and corrosion, proactive maintenance is key. Each material comes with its own set of maintenance requirements, necessitating tailored care regimes to preserve their appearance and functionality over time.

Balustrades in coastal or high-wind areas necessitate special considerations to ensure structural integrity and durability long-term. Barrett underscores the importance of selecting materials resistant to corrosion and reinforcing structural components to withstand elevated wind loads. 

Solid panels and screens can provide additional protection against gusts, while regular maintenance is essential for preserving balustrade performance in challenging environments.

A framed glass balustrade by Provista Balustrade Systems shows how a house can be easily updated.

Harmonising balustrade design with property aesthetics

To ensure that balustrade design harmonises with the overall aesthetic of a property, Barrett recommends a holistic approach. Considerations such as architectural style, material coordination, sightlines, and architectural details all play pivotal roles in achieving visual cohesion.

“Gather inspiration from design magazines, websites, social media platforms, and architectural publications to explore different balustrade styles, materials, and configurations. Create mood boards or visual references to narrow down options and refine the desired aesthetic vision.”

By seeking inspiration, consulting with professionals, and balancing form and function, homeowners can create balustrade designs that seamlessly integrate with their property's aesthetic vision.

For homeowners mindful of budget constraints, Barrett suggests exploring cost-effective options such as aluminium balustrades and aluminium-framed glass balustrades. These alternatives offer durability, versatility, and visual impact without exceeding financial limitations, making them ideal choices for revamping outdoor spaces on a budget.

Innovations and advancements in balustrade design technology

Innovations in balustrade design technology are shaping the future of outdoor living. Barrett highlights the emergence of aluminium fins and slats as innovative solutions for privacy and weather protection in high-density housing settings. 

“The need for greater outdoor living privacy while maintaining property aesthetics is becoming more challenging. The advent of aluminium fin and slat-style balustrades is able to meet this challenge and is becoming more popular over traditional balustrades and high-maintenance trellis.

“Additionally, incorporating louvre roofs, a small outdoor space can be transformed into an extended living area while maintaining privacy and weather protection.”

By leveraging cutting-edge design technologies, homeowners can transform outdoor spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing retreats tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

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