Should I reupholster my office chair?

08 October 2021


2 min read

Should I reupholster my old office chair to make it as good as new?

The answer is.. no. Trying to revamp an old office chair by simply reupholstering it does not make it brand new again. It’s more like giving an 80 year old a makeover to make them 20 years old again.

The best place you can put your money is into a brand new chair with new upholstery, a new mechanism and a new look! Make the most of upgrading your office chair and get something that is going to last, suit your body, and liven up your workspace. You can always select your own upholstery, like we did for the Xtreme chairs pictured.

The Mechanism: Some people like to be able to adjust their chair to suit the way they sit as much as they possibly can. Others prefer to have just the basic functions available and they are happy. Which are you?

Size: The size of your chair should cater for the size of your body. Take weight ratings into consideration as well as back height and seat size.

Mesh vs. Upholstered: We find majority of men prefer mesh backs and majority of woman prefer upholstered backs. There is no right or wrong for this. You might even like both! A mesh back allows more air flow as opposed to an upholstered back which is more for extra support.

Style and Colour: Where is this chair going? Think about the space it will be in and how it is going to look in it. There are many styles of office chair and there are endless colour options too. Pick one that you love!

Lumbar Support: Do yourself a favour and buy a chair with good lumbar support. You will find it a lot easier to sit it a chair which support your back than it is to sit in a chair designed to be sat in for 2 hours or less.