Switched On: Innovating and Creating EFficiencies for the Commercial Building Sector

07 July 2020


4 min read


Those in the commercial sector can now easily and safely upgrade their switches and sockets with a fresh new look and extensive functionality with the launch of PDL Pro Series. The new PDL Pro Series by Schneider Electric is the first range of hard-wearing switches and sockets that have been designed specifically for the commercial building market, based on market feedback.

Pro Series has been designed to fit the unique needs of commercial buildings, such as shopping malls, airports and office spaces. Switches and sockets in these busy areas are exposed to a range of environmental conditions and can be easily damaged by trolleys, baggage or cleaning machines so the robust design of Pro Series has been built to be extra-long lasting thanks to its IK08 impact rating on all standard sockets.

With the evolving needs of schools and offices, the combination of having skins which can only be removed safely using special notches on the skins and a screwdriver as well as multiple USB charging solutions provides the perfect combination of safety and practicality.

Following on from the award-winning switchgear range PDL Iconic®, Pro Series brings many of the innovations of Iconic to meet the current and future technology needs for the commercial building market. The same 300 Series modules which are installed in Iconic are also suitable for Pro Series - which makes it much simpler for the installer.

Anthony Poulson, director of Ampere Electrical in Christchurch, installed the Pro Series double sockets on a job in late 2019. He describes them as “well made, like PDL’s other products, and they did what they said they’d do with regards to circuit identification and strength.”

“I like the protection factor they offer; in a public place they make tampering a lot more difficult. This also results in a safer product to the public, as does the stronger material they’re made from.”

Mr Poulson’s view is that for large commercial companies that are doing a lot of maintenance and install work, use of the Pro Series would result in a lot less service calls for repairs. He says, “Having that circuit identification option there too saves a lot of time finding out what circuit each point or switch is on. Circuit identification without labels can be costly to businesses with having various circuits turned on and off and interrupting work-flow.

“With the strengths this product line offers I can absolutely see an advantage to the end user or business. Faster service calls regarding circuit identification and fewer fittings being damaged due to the stronger material is going to be a time-saver for sure. In my own business I do regular service work for a restaurant chain where sockets and switches are constantly being broken, so this could be a great solution!”

Jared Dinneen of Schneider Electric says, “Up until now, wall switches and sockets have been a one size fits all product within the commercial building sector, with buildings relying on generic switches rather than having something customised to withstand the environment of a commercial space.”

“With the new PDL Pro Series range developed by Schneider Electric, building managers can have a flexible, pleasing aesthetic and secure electrical accessories specifically suited to their space.”

The range, available in black or white, is creatively designed with fresh, clean lines and bevelled edges to deflect impacts. The clean and seamless look makes for a simple and timeless appearance and avoids attracting dirt. The innovative design also features a clear and protected circuit ID window. This ensures that circuit identifiers cannot be damaged, wiped off, or made unreadable. The labels adhere to panels designed into the grids, so even if skins are inadvertently swapped during maintenance, the labels will always display the correct circuit ID.

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