Take the guesswork out of commercial door specs with ASSA ABLOY

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24 May 2023


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For time-poor design professionals, knowledgeable and experienced suppliers are priceless. Armed with years of expertise in the world of access solutions, ASSA ABLOY is doing everything they can to make life easier for architects.

To state the obvious, commercial buildings are complex. And, while you might aspire to learn the ins and outs of every element — from acoustics to door hardware — the reality is, there simply aren't enough hours in the day. For this reason, a supplier with a wealth of knowledge and experience is an invaluable asset.

As global leaders in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY pride themselves on their expertise, backed by years of success. Expanding from Europe to New Zealand in 2001, the nationwide team is now 230 members strong, with their head office and manufacturing facility located on Auckland’s North Shore.

The ASSA ABLOY team know door hardware is complicated, especially when it comes to doors for commercial buildings. “The general rule of thumb is that commercial buildings are tougher environments for doors and door hardware to operate in, and, as such, the hardware for commercial doors is more robust than residential doors,” says Fraser Imrie, ASSA ABLOY BIM Technologies Consultant.

This complexity comes down to a number of factors, including traffic, weight, automation, fire and acoustic ratings, with each commercial project requiring a different solution to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

By specifying complete door hardware through ASSA ABLOY, architects can trust they will receive the right door for every application.
ASSA ABLOY offer hardware to suit every aesthetic and door style.

For Fraser, the goal is to make it as easy as possible for specifiers to select and install the best door and hardware for their project, which is why he recommends ASSA ABLOY’s complete door and hardware solutions.

“We’re taking the guesswork away from the architect. All they need to do is tell us what type of door is required, and we specify the door and the compliant door hardware with their approval,” Fraser explains.

“This process combines the expertise of both ASSA ABLOY Openings Solutions (door hardware) and our door companies Pacific Door Systems and NZ Fire Doors. With our support, the architect no longer has to look up different door types, and the long list of approved door hardware, to ensure it’s compliant and going to work as they intend.”

With both hardware and doors under one roof, specifiers don’t need to manage communications, orders and lead times with multiple suppliers either.

Commercial door hardware needs to be tougher and more robust than residential hardware due to the traffic demands on commercial spaces.
ASSA ABLOY can prep the door at the factory to accomodate hardware installation, saving time on site.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to ASSA ABLOY’s Opening Solutions. From classrooms and auditoriums to surgical units and emergency exits, all commercial applications are covered. They’ve also taken care of aesthetics too.

“Depending on the range you choose within our commercial door hardware offering, there can be up to 15 different plated finishes. We also have a vast range of powder coated options for both commercial and residential door hardware. All of our hardware is either made from stainless steel, forged brass, zinc, or aluminium. Plus, as the world’s largest access solutions provider, the breadth of product we have access to is endless.”

Once the door and hardware are specified, ASSA ABLOY have the potential to prep the doors at the door factories prior to delivery to accommodate the installation of the door hardware — a process that needs to be done on site if the door and hardware are specified separately, Fraser explains.

“This can be difficult in terms of timing and workflow during construction, as a mortising machine is often required when installers do it on site.”

For time-poor design professionals, an offering like ASSA ABLOY’s complete door and hardware solutions makes a lot of sense. “Essentially, we’re taking ownership of the process to make life easier for the architect.”

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