The Frameless Door Jamb System

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15 September 2020


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Modern architectural trends continue to promote spacious, minimalistic interiors, with a focus on inconspicuous clean lines. So how do you achieve this level of fine detail when traditional door jambs require architraves to frame the jamb?

The answer is EzyJamb.
This unique frameless door jamb system wraps the plasterboard and can be plastered in during framing, to blend seamlessly with the wall and provide a flush finish around the door, eliminating the need for architraves.

Available with herline, lift-off or concealed RocYork hinges, EzyJamb has two distinct profiles to suit your requirements:

  • Classic split type jamb (EzyJamb Classic Adjust - EZC)
  • Single rebated door jamb (EzyJamb Single Rebate - SRC)

EzyJamb is made from premium BlueScope steel, to offer a more durable solution to traditional timber jambs and has successfully passed the 10,000 ‘Door Slam’ Test, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a quality product for your project.

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EzyJamb Classic Adjust - EZC
EzyJamb Classic Adjust - EZC
EzyJamb Single Rebate - SRC
EzyJamb Single Rebate - SRC