Time for a change? Transform your home with these creative paint ideas

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13 May 2024


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Whether you’re updating one room or taking a paintbrush to the whole house, here’s Porter’s Paints’ guide to refreshing your space with paint.

If you want to revive your home, but don’t want to take on a renovation project, look no further than a fresh coat of paint. Painting a room’s four walls, ceiling, or applying a French Wash or Fresco finish (if you’re brave enough) is perhaps the easiest way to make a room feel brand new — and, whether you opt to go the DIY route or choose to contract a professional, it’s a job that can be completed in just a few days. Hello, new home!

To transform your space, you’re going to have to think outside the box. Whether it’s a different colour scheme, or applying paint somewhere new, the best results come when you let your creativity run wild. As purveyors of quality paints and specialty finishes, Porter’s Paints believe you should paint with your heart and soul; “It’s not just how a room looks that matters, it’s how it feels,” the brand states. 

ArchiPro caught up with Porter’s Paints’ Business Development Manager, Chris McGinley, and Showroom Sales Manager, Karen Candy, for their advice on creative ways to transform your home with paint.

Porter's Eggshell Acrylic, pictured here in the colour Rubble, has a Global GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certification.

Before you get started…

Creating a new colour palette can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you don’t know where to start, Karen recommends trying these three methods for inspiration.

“Create a Pinterest board of images you are naturally drawn to. Cast your net broad, and be open-minded and liberal with your selections. Collect as many images as you can before identifying a prominent, recurring colour theme, then build your colour palette from there.”

If you have a piece of artwork or sentimental collectible you love, Karen says that is another great place to find inspiration.

“Observe and consider the texture, colour and memories of a special piece of memorabilia you own. What feelings does it evoke? You can use these as a ‘springboard’ for your colour selections. Sometimes all you need is a focus item to fire your imagination and get you started!”

Finally, Karen suggests looking to nature, with a favourite outdoor spot as your starting point.

“Go to that place, observe the colours in that environment. Take photos if you need to. Mother nature rules supreme when it comes to colour composition and you can emulate her colour combinations in your home.”

To ensure your colours complement each other without feeling too same-same, Karen says a colour wheel is a helpful tool. Working your way through the segments, look for colours that contain high amounts of tint or shade for more of a muted, restful space, and pure colours with no black or white to bring more energy and movement to your home.

Porter's Eggshell Acrylic in the colour Hailstorm is a muted, moody blue. Applied to the walls or ceiling, it adds depth and visual interest to a space.

Preparation is key

To ensure you get the most out of your new coat of paint, your surfaces need to be fully prepped. 

“It's important to make sure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned or washed to remove any dirt, grease, or mould. After cleaning everything down, sand all surfaces smooth and dust them down; use good quality fillers and gap fillers to undertake any repairs, fill any nail holes or cracks, and then spot prime or undercoat as required. When it comes time to apply paint, the use of good quality brushes, rollers and other tools, as well as selecting premium paints to use, can be all the difference between a really good paint job and an average one,” Chris says.

Once painted, the surfaces will need to be maintained to ensure they continue looking good. Chris recommends soft washing outdoor surfaces annually, and using sugar soap diluted in water to remove any marks, dirt, or grease. Don’t forget to keep test pots of all your paints for touch-ups, too.

"Porter’s French Wash is a bespoke paint system that works by applying a semi-translucent wash or glaze underpinned by a subtle opaque base colour. The combined blend of two colours together creates subtle movement and undulation in the depth of colour."

Transform your home

Once you’ve chosen your palette and prepped your surfaces, you can start painting! 

“Be daring and paint your ceiling a beautiful Porter’s colour! Try Porter’s Hailstorm, a muted moody blue, or consider a subtle green grey such as Olive Grove for an organic and encapsulating vibe. Both of these colours work particularly in high-studded rooms. You could also try Porter’s Eggshell Acrylic, our most popular paint range. Eggshell boasts a matte finish that softens reflected light and glare, and has a Global GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certification, which is the highest rank achievable. For a tranquil neutral on ceilings and architraves, Porter’s Rubble is an absolute winner for a ceiling. Tie in the look by painting the window and door architraves Rubble also,” Chris says.

Creativity doesn’t stop at paint colours. With a selection of specialty finishes, the Porter’s Paints range allows you to add depth and texture to your space.

“I’d recommend considering a specialty finish such as a French Wash. Porter’s French Wash is a bespoke paint system that works by applying a semi-translucent wash or glaze underpinned by a subtle opaque base colour. The combined blend of two colours together creates subtle movement and undulation in the depth of colour. French-washed walls are very easy to live with and create an ideal backdrop for soft bed furnishings. The most popular French Wash combination for 2024 thus far is Soapstone French Wash over Bone Stone Paint Fine.

Karen Candy, Showroom Sales Manager.
Chris McGinley, Business Development Manager.

Visit the showroom

For expert advice and help choosing the best colours for your home, visit the Porter’s Paints showroom located in the Auckland suburb of Kingsland. Porter’s also offers a free in-store colour consultation service to help you select the right paint for every room in your house. Open from 8:30 am to 4 pm on weekdays, you can either book an appointment or simply pop in for a look around. 

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