Top garage door trends for 2024: styles, materials, and technology

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13 June 2024


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The latest in garage doors offers homeowners new colours, formats, configurations, insulation and smart technology.

Homeowners are increasingly viewing garage doors as more than just a utilitarian necessity – instead, they’re embracing them as significant design elements that enhance curb appeal and integrate cutting-edge technology. 

To learn more about the latest garage door trends we spoke to Dominator’s Heyam Berima-Fowler who shared how functionality and aesthetics beautifully intertwine in the top garage door trends for 2024. 

Cutting edge colour

A new garage door provides an excellent opportunity to play with colour to enhance the entry to your home. 

“White or light-coloured garage doors were all the rage in recent years and though white is still a fabulous option in the right circumstances, darker shades are definitely in favour,” shares Berima-Fowler. 

Once considered a bold colour choice, black is now very much on-trend and appreciated for its recessive qualities. It’s easy to match with other colours and performs well in different textural applications – particularly matte – and pairs easily with natural elements such as cedar cladding.

Matte surfaces are the latest variation to the standard colour options, creating a contemporary aesthetic that looks great on modern builds. Available in a deep grey and an almost-black hue on flat-panelled Dominator garage doors, matte surfaces can add a perception of quality while enhancing the receding nature of dark colours.

But if dark hues aren’t for you, you can't go wrong with neutral and tonal colours. 

“Greys and beige for your garage door are a safe bet, though they can be far from boring. Use a tonal variation of your house and trim colours on the garage door to add texture and depth,” shares Berima-Fowler. 

Neutral and lighter tones are a great foil for a contrasting darker tone, and look equally serene paired with other pale tones. Particularly if you don’t want to make a feature out of your garage door, picking a lighter tone can allow the door to blend rather than stand out.  

Dominator NatureSteel garage doors are the perfect combination of beauty and strength. NatureSteel material mimics the look of natural timber, giving your garage a sophisticated finish that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your property.

The latest design trends in garage doors

When it comes to formats, design trends are celebrating a slick, clean aesthetic. In garage doors this means flat sectional panels are most in demand, and when paired with a matte finish, really take the contemporary look to the next level. 

This minimalist look is a perfect pairing with modern home designs, where cedar panelling and cladding provide a beautiful textural contrast. 

“Even when upgrading older homes, the flat-panelled sectional door is a great way to elevate the overall look of the home,” says Berima-Fowler. 

Technology: smart & secure

Technological advancements are revolutionising garage doors, making them smarter, more secure and more convenient.

“Smartphone capability has transformed the security and convenience aspects of modern garage doors. Using Dominator's Smartphone Control Kit, you can not only open or close your garage door from anywhere with Wifi connection, but you can also monitor the status of the door and get notified with real-time alerts for a range of customisable situations.”

Homeowners can also use the app to remotely allow guests, tradespeople and family to access their home, which saves them time and the hassle of having to be at home to let people in. 

Having visibility over the status of your garage door through the app, also offers peace of mind. 

“You can check your garage door while you're away from home and view an activity log so that you know who has used the garage door and when.”

It also means you are not reliant on remote-controlled door openers, which in the past many people had problems with misplacing. 

Steel flat panel sectional doors can be made in one of two ways – roll-formed or folded. and can be factory-insulated to allow you to make better use of your garage space all year round.

Increase energy efficiency with your garage door

Energy efficiency is a critical consideration when designing homes, and it makes sense to insulate as much as possible. Insulated garage doors help maintain temperature control, which reduces energy costs and increases comfort in the home. 

Insulated garage doors are particularly efficient at reducing heat transfer into and out of the home, and as a result are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. 

Dominator clients noticed the difference immediately when they had Dominator insulated garage doors installed. “Going down the stairs you can notice the temperature difference in that lower part of the house even if the door into the garage is closed,” Lynda says.

Another important benefit of garage door insulation is the reduction of sound transfer. Traffic and noise from the neighbours can detract from the enjoyment of a home, and insulated doors significantly reduce this impact, which is particularly beneficial in high-density housing situations. 

An additional benefit of an insulated garage door, is that the operating sound of the door itself is reduced significantly, improving sound transfer in the home. 

These technological advancements mean there is more choice than ever when it comes to garage doors, and homeowners can easily achieve the look, feel and functionality they desire in 2024. 

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