11 unique sideboards and buffets for your home in 2023

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05 June 2023


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Sideboards and buffets were once seen as an antiquated furnishing from a bygone era but perceptions have changed in recent years with more and more of them appearing in homes throughout New Zealand. What’s even more exciting is the number of different types and styles that are available with some very unique options to choose from.

A sideboard or buffet table is one of those great furnishings that can deliver on many levels, enhancing the aesthetics of a room while providing practical storage space as well as a flat surface for displaying ornamentals. While the number of options is growing, there are some incredibly unique sideboards and buffets that stand out from the rest on both style and substance.

The Tratto Buffet by Bonaldo is a great example of buffet table that can add unique flair to a living space

1. London Buffet Table — DeLux Interiors

For Art Deco enthusiasts, the London Buffet Table from DeLux Interiors presents a highly tempting option for your home. It almost has that old world feeling too with a look that is gracefully timeless. With four doors and storage spaces, it provides ample room for all your treasured possessions be it in a living or dining room. It is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes giving you plenty of opportunity to incorporate it into your interior styling in creative and interesting ways. 

The London Buffet Table is graceful in appearance while still offering ample storage

2. ECC Plana Cupboard by Fiam — ECC

The ECC Plana cupboard by Fiam instantly draws the eye making it the perfect statement piece for the living room or any other shared space that needs a focal point. Its “Lava Grey” lacquered wood structure is particularly mesmerising while its acid-etched glass, back-lacquered top provides even more aesthetic texture. Its long form provides a great surface to display your favourite decorative items and ornaments while offering plenty of extra storage space too.

Sideboards and buffets can also be statement pieces like the beautiful ECC Plana Cupboard by Fiam

3. Mister Sideboard — Craftbuilt

Crafted by Wewood Portuguese Joinery, the Mister Sideboard exudes elegance and unparalleled versatility. This extraordinary piece seamlessly merges artisanal woodworking with exceptional design, resulting in a harmonious blend of craftsmanship. The refined aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail, like the herringbone pattern on its doors, set it apart. The interior can be effortlessly rearranged to cater to diverse needs, transforming it into a stylish bar, a functional desk, or simply a sophisticated sideboard.

Versatility by way of quality craftsmanship with the Mister Sideboard

4. Fermo Sideboard by Morten Georgsen — BoConcept

The Fermo Sideboard by Morten Georgsen showcases its transformative abilities as it enhances the overall look of any home, providing an elegant solution to decluttering. Its clean lines and minimalist design blend with the surrounding environment, ensuring a harmonious integration. The Fermo Sideboard is made with the finest craftsmanship making it both a stylish and practical choice. Its subtle look often makes a great complement to other items of furniture like a dining table, chairs, cupboards or cabinets.

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The Fermo Sideboard by Morten Georgsen can complement a wide variety of interior styles and furnishings

5. Tratto Buffet by Bonaldo — Bradfords Interiors

Designed by the talented Mauro Lipparini for Bonaldo of Italy, the Tratto Buffet is personified by a captivating blend of simplicity and sophistication. Its geometric shape creates a visually striking composition, emphasising the interplay between solids and voids. True to Bonaldo's commitment to customisation, a variety of colours and finishes are available, allowing for personalisation. The internal glass shelves further enhance its refined aesthetic.

The versatile Tratto Buffet by Bonaldo is available in a variety of colours and finishes to help one create a personalised look

6. Coplan Sideboard by Pagnon & Pelhaitre — Ligne Roset

The updated Coplan Sideboard preserves its distinctive coplanar doors which open by smoothly pivoting and sliding, for easy use and natural charm. This ingenious design makes for a spacious sideboard, as the absence of required clearance enables the incorporation of just two sliding doors instead of multiple hinged ones. The result is a visually pleasing aesthetic characterised by simplicity and clean lines. New materials like walnut and ceramic stoneware, beautifully complement the existing lacquer finish.

The distinctive coplanar doors is just one of the many outstanding features of the Coplan Sideboard by Pagnon & Pelhaitre

7. Shelf Sufficient Console — SR Interiors

With its versatile design, this remarkable piece commands attention as a console, credenza, or dining buffet. The cascading reeded glass back not only adds depth but also catches and softly reflects light, beautifully accentuating the Deep Bronze metal frame. Meticulously crafted using Japanese Sen veneers, the Shelf Sufficient Console boasts three drawers and a spacious shelf, providing ample storage and a safe space to display ornaments. A perfect balance of style and functionality with this understated yet striking addition to any space.

The Shelf Sufficient Console achieves a perfect balance of style and functionality

8. Reflect Sideboard Large — Bauhaus

The design and craftsmanship of the Reflect Sideboard superbly convey the inherent warmth and natural beauty of oak wood, while paying homage to the revered masters of classic Scandinavian furniture making. The meticulous attention to detail and skilful execution amplify the organic essence of the material, evoking a sense of inviting comfort. Through a subtle yet strong approach, the design honours the rich heritage that typifies Scandinavian craftsmanship, fusing tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

A clever blend of traditional and contemporary design with the Reflect Sideboard

9. Quartz Sideboard — Sarsfield Brooke Ltd

The Quartz Sideboard is a pure indulgence that comes in the form of a wooden sideboard that showcases a sleek design and impeccable quality. With three doors available in your choice of Canaletto walnut, elegant matt lacquer, or a sophisticated satin brass or titanium finish, one can create a personalised style. Inside, transparent glass shelves provide a contemporary touch and practical storage options. With its confident and edgy presence, this Italian-made sideboard combines functionality with timeless sophistication in its modern design.

The Quartz Sideboard is pure design indulgence that delivers on multiple levels

10. Sliding Door Sideboard — French Country Collections

This Sliding Door Sideboard is a rustic farmhouse-inspired piece that features unique double sliding metal doors seldom seen in sideboards of this kind. Its robust solid wood construction (from reclaimed elm) plus its generous storage capacity of two shelves and six drawers makes it visually appealing and highly functional. Its versatility allows it to be seamlessly incorporated into both dining rooms and lounges, catering to various needs. The sideboard's rustic allure is arguably its strongest suit, however, bringing warmth and a sense of timelessness that quickly makes it a cherished item of furniture for all.

The sliding metal doors of the aptly named Sliding Door Sideboard are a bold point of difference

11. Tivoli Buffet by Alf Italia — Bradfords Interiors

The Tivoli Buffet by Alf Italia is a standout piece that offers ample storage space with hidden internal drawers, ensuring a clutter-free environment in your home. Its contemporary design is elegant and sophisticated with a matte Grey Oak laminate finish that exudes a refined sense of luxury. Crisp clean lines, subtly enhanced by chrome accents elevate its appearance giving it modern design traits. You can easily imagine this exquisite product in a dining space beside a wine rack of the finest vintage collection. An excellent addition to designer-inspired homes everywhere.

Crisp lines and chrome accents effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of the Tivoli Buffet by Alf Italia

An exquisite selection of unique sideboards and buffet tables

As you can see, there are some amazing choices when it comes to sideboards and buffet tables in New Zealand that are impeccably stylish and extremely versatile. Whether it’s a sophisticated addition to your dining room or a decorative furnishing in a living space, you’ll be able to find an option that makes your space more attractive and functional at the same time.